Big Bang Theory stars are working on new NBC esports comedy series

The Big Bang Theory ran for 12 seasons and even though lots and lots of fans didn’t quite stick around to the end some wanted it to end a few seasons sooner, the show still finished its last episode with roughly 18 million viewers on CBS that Thursday. Regardless of how long they stuck it out though, fans can agree that the show was spectacular at its best, and still pretty funny at its worst. Now some of the brilliant minds that brought us that show got together again, to create a new comedy show, in collaboration with US-based television network NBC.

Johnny Galecki NBS Esports TV Comedy Series - The Squad

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A new esports comedy series in on its way

The show will be called ‘The Squad’ and it will follow the lives of a group of friends and their mutual love of competitive esports.

Involved in the new project, besides NBC, as the executive producer will be Johnny Galecki, the actor that played Leonard Hofstaetter in the Big Bang Theory. Warner Bros, the same company that produced BBT, will also be producing this new show, along with a few other execs from before, such as Anthony Del Broccolo who was a Big Bang Theory writer/co-executive producer.

This isn’t the first esports-related comedy project that launched this season – CBS gave the go-ahead for a pilot for a single-camera series that follows a retired basketball star that buys an entire esports franchise in an attempt to reconnect with his estranged son.

‘The Squad’ will be different – it will follow a group of friends that actively participate in the esports scene. That’s not a lot of info, and it’s about all we know. There isn’t even info about which game title they’ll be playing.

In fact, most of what we know at the moment is that the series is confirmed at least for a pilot script. No casting choices have been announced yet, nor do we even know what sort of plotline the multi-camera series will be following. Each of the episodes is speculated to be about a half-hour long, with a full first season expected if the pilot does well – once it’s actually filmed, that is.

So far, while the script has been sold, nothing else has happened, and we won’t see the results of these efforts for quite some time yet. If you want to fill the void, for now, you do have another option though – the last season of the popular show Ballers features an esports story arc!

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