Cyber Insider, the new YouTube Channel for Esports Fans by is one of our top ranked reviewees at  The provider has an extremely versatile coverage of esports titles and solid grades by all measurable metrics. You can read our in-depth review and/or our review dedicated to the bonus offers. What is less known about, is their recent expansion onto YouTube with the Cyber Insider media platform. Cyber Insider is aimed at esports and betting enthusiasts with content varying from general esports news to betting tactics and strategy guides.

The channel is currently publishing content exclusively in Russian, but we hope will expand into English and other languages relatively soon.

Cyber Insider - YouTube Channel

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Cyber Insider’s content value

Lets take a look at the channel’s content and a look at what Cyber Insider offers. To this end we’ve selected two recently published videos and we look at the content, delivery and value of information they provide to the average viewer.

Their most recent upload is a video talking about Bookmakers and Esports and the potential profit to be made on such platforms. Since the video is in Russian, we are going to give a quick and loose overview of what is discussed.

cyber bet youtube video esports cyber insider

The opening  three minutes talk about the Bookmakers and their huge huge impact on the development of the entire esports industry. Listing the 2017 investment of $1 billion into esports by the bookmaking industry, and tournaments hosted by bookies where prize pools reach up to $ 250,000.

The interesting part of the video however, comes when Cyber Insider poses the question of “Is it possible to make money on bets?” and provides a lengthy and well put argument for both sides of the argument.

They end up with four extremely well put advice points that every potential bettor should take to heart.

  1. Limit yourself to a fixed percentage of the amount of the bank. Distribute 15-30% of the deposit. This will build up your bank and save you from the losses.
  2. Remember that you always can bet. Do not rush to raise money one day by a large rate of 50-100%. You lose, even if you win, no matter how strange it sounds. That will push you to do it again and again, dragging into an unhealthy gambling state.
  3. Check out the rules of Money Management by Alexander Elder. His rules are universal for any type of investment.
    Let’s conditionally divide the losses into sharks and piranhas. Sharks are disastrous bets on large amounts, which at once cause irreparable harm to your deposit and threaten a loss in the amount of 50 to 70%. Piranhas are small unsuccessful bets, they are not scary alone, but when a whole school of such piranhas gathers, they bring enormous harm to the deposit.
  4. Calculate the profit factor. Divide the amount of positive bids by the amount of negative. The higher the profit factor, the more reliable the strategy or provider of forecasts.

All of this pointers should go straight to our own Esports betting guide, as worthwhile advice coming straight from the horse’s mouth’. The value factor of such advice? Invaluable.

Added value

We discovered another video published February 12th, featuring additional benefits for subscribers and users of Any fans of Dota or Dota 2 Betting would rejoice at an opportunity to attend the EPICENTER Major and get an all expense trip covered by the bookie. On top of that autograph signing sessions and premier tier seats. The catch? Subscribe to the channel and give a chance.

cyber bet youtube video dota 2 cyber insider

Additionally, the video takes us onto a history ride through the most game defining patches of the past. 6.87’s map scan and blight or 7.00’s Roshan and Artifact backpack all get a mention in a well put together video.

Overall, both videos and many others include interesting tidbits and takes on popular esports related questions. We do hope puts out content in English for larger audiences to enjoy.

To our Russian readers: “Yall don’t know how lucky you are to have Cyber Insider“.


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