ESport Manager game comes to the Nintendo Switch

This week has seen the release of ESport Manager for the Nintendo Switch. The game has been available for PC gamers since June 2018, but now Nintendo fans will be able to experience what it’s really like to manage your own esports team.

The ESport Manager game was created by the Polish game developers InImages, and its Nintendo Switch release comes courtesy of the publisher Ultimate Games S.A.

ESport manager game

© Ultimate Games S.A.

What is the ESport Manager game?

If you’ve ever played a game like Football Manager, then you’ll know how you have to guide a football club to glory and ESport Manager is no different. Here you will get to take teams who specialise in first-person shooter and battle arena games and help them succeed at the highest level.

This means that you have to create your own esports teams and care for their development in terms of making sure that they put in enough training. In addition to this, you will get the chance to play a hand in how the pro gamers sign advertising contracts, how they carry out social media activities, and anything else that would be expected of an esports manager. Switch users can also look forward to making tactical decisions in order to outwit the opposition.

ESport manager for Nintendo Switch

© Ultimate Games S.A.

The game of ESport Manager switches between first-person shooters and battle arena titles with ease and it’s this feature that’s sure to be a hit with fans of CSGO and LoL. There are an extensive series of leagues and matches within the ESport Manager game, and each player must be selected according to their varying skill levels.

So if you’ve ever fancied the chance of creating your own esports dream team, be sure to give ESport Manager a try on your Nintendo Switch.

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