Esports Mogul teams up with Melbourne Melee

Melbourne Melee is well known as being one of Australia’s leading esports communities for the Super Smash Bros title, and it is going to be getting a helping hand from Mogul in the coming months. Mogul has been enjoying a growing profile for its role in providing expert esports tournament platforms in Australia, Asia and Latin America over the past few years, and this move could help Melbourne Melee take its operations to the next level.

This deal will see Melbourne Melee taking advantage of Mogul’s tournament automation and esports-friendly social features. By doing this, it means that the Australian gaming organiser will benefit from a range of advantages that include a better integrated gaming community, improved tournament administrative access and many achievements, ranks, and rewards, as well as Mogul’s legendary automated gameplay experience.

The partnership was unveiled on 1 April, and it is hoped that it will encourage a new generation of fighting game fans to sign up to the Melbourne Melee tournaments. By teaming up with Mogul, Melbourne Melee will be hoping to enjoy a much greater reach beyond the local level to become a key player in the global competitive gaming scene.

There is expected to be a host of special campaigns and branded tournaments unveiled with cash prizes helping to make it all the more worthwhile for the competitors. This comes in conjunction with the recently released Mogul Wallet which aims to give gamers an easy way to manage any winnings made from esports tournaments.  

Mogul is part of Esports Mogul Asia Pacific Limited and it is the first time that the brand has entered into grassroots gaming. By teaming up with Melbourne Melee, they will be well placed to encourage one of Australia’s most promising esports tournaments. Melbourne Melee has already earned plenty of acclaim for their tournaments, meetups, LAN parties and live streams that have clocked up over 15,000 concurrent viewers so far.


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However, through their new partnership deal with Mogul, Melbourne Melee will hoping to cement their reputation as a key player in the Australian esports scene. Whilst Australia has often been overlooked for its competitive gaming, recent events such as the Melbourne Esports Open showed that the nation can clearly keep up with other countries.

This two day festival saw many of the nation’s best gamers competing on iconic gaming titles like Overwatch and League of Legends. But it was the fact that even legendary sporting institutions like the Australian Open tennis tournament could open its doors to esports that really signals how much of a shift has taken place in the nation’s gaming community.

This saw Epic Games hosting a special Fortnite tournament at the home of Australian Open 2019 tennis tournament, and it quickly revealed how much hunger there is for pro gaming events in the country. As a result, we can see how Mogul’s partnership deal with Melbourne Melee could not have been better timed, and it is going to be fascinating to see how the Australian esports scene progress from here.

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