The Esports Mystery event!

If you haven’t heard about this yet don’t panic, most people don’t have a lot of information. For those who are curious about it, there is a esports mystery event due to take place, though there’s not much else currently known about it. We’ve rounded up the information that is available, so let’s go over it all together.

This week has seen many esports professionals tweeting about the #EsportsMystery, and we know that it’s due to take place in Denver. No one has given away details of what’s actually due to happen, or exactly who is involved so suffice to say it’s caused quite a bit of a stir.


The event is due to kick off at 1pm MST on November 29th, so there’s still a bit of a wait before we’ll know all of the details. Still, many pro gamers appear to have secured tickets and others such as Brennon Hook have announced they will be hosts. The only cue so far? A banner that talks about ‘A Magical Journey’ and a few queries being passed back and forth around which seats people have secured.

Clearly, there is going to be some sort of show, but exactly what it will entail is anyone’s guess. For those of us who haven’t managed to secure a ticket, we’re currently hoping there will be a livestream of the event. As with the rest of the information though, nothing has been confirmed and not even the organizers have come forward to announce who they are. One thing is certain though, they’re masters at building up the suspense.

Many of the people involved so far appear to be linked with Overwatch, so chances are there’ll be at least some content to do with this popular franchise. Given the vast array of esports now available though, it is making people wonder exactly what else will be going on. Winter clothes are a must for any and all attendees, and among the anticipation, there’s been a lot of questions regarding exactly how many layers to wear, and just how cold it’s going to get.


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Twitter is also currently full of people trying to guess what is going to happen, while attendees are clearly enjoying preparations and hyping up the event as they pack and prepare to head to Colorado for the big day tomorrow. All sorts of theories have been posted, from trips to space to a massive party though one thing is clear, no one knows precisely what’s in store which is part of what’s making this whole thing so exciting.

Invites have been hard to come by, but those lucky people who have managed to obtain tickets are flying in from all over the world to take part tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted with more information as it becomes available, right now though we’re just impressed that the organizers have kept things completely under wraps until the day before the event itself. Pretty impressive when you consider there’s so many posts on social media about it.

The big reveal of the Esports Mystery event!

The big esports mystery event has kept people guessing for quite a while – the big reveal really wasn’t anything like anyone expected. You’ve probably heard of, possible experienced a surprise birthday party… how about a surprise wedding? Not for the bride and groom of course, nor for the guests in attendance, but for just about everyone else!

That’s right, the big mystery was a wedding! Whatever you’re thinking, you’re probably wrong. Not some event where two characters get married or even some unlucky guy with his body-pillow, no a genuine wedding between an esports caster and a team manager. We can’t help but be impressed at the preparation that had to have gone into this ceremony.

More specifically, the marriage between Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles and London Spitfire GM Susie Kim. There were some hints – Mykles announced he’d be streaming the whole thing on his Twitch channel, after all, and the announcements looked awfully traditional, but still – it wasn’t quite what people expected.


© MonteCristo

ESPN’s Jacob Wolf was the one who really confirmed it though – he posted on Twitter that his sources confirmed that it was their wedding. It’s certainly an unusual way to host either an esports event or a wedding, all things considered, but somehow, these two made it work.

The stream started out with guests sitting around dining tables in a lovely hall at Denver airport, enjoying meals that likely tasted far better than the Doritos the viewers at the other end of the stream had. Fans took to Twitter immediately, both those that happened to be at the airport and ‘spotted’ big esports names there, and those that were simply delighted at the reveal of it all.

After the meal, the lovely-looking bride was escorted down the aisle amidst friends and family and the pair said their vows to the world. Despite the obviously public nature of it all, the whole ceremony was quite lovely (as were the bride’s families traditional clothes!).

Jokes about finding something to do in the off-season aside, this is definitely a creative way to get married – we rather imagine it cuts down on the cost of hiring a photographer as well, what with a professional stream setup ready to go.

Whether they started a trend (we rather imagine they won’t be the LAST ones to do something like this) or whether this remains an exceptional event, we’re happy to congratulate the newlywed couple on a beautiful wedding and touching ceremony!

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