Esports Summit in Japan will focus on new esports strategies for Asia

This December, the North Asia Esports Summit is taking place in Chiba, Japan. More specifically, on the 4th and 5th of December this year, experts and industry participants from all around the world are meeting in the Hilton Tokyo Bay hotel to discuss the future of esports in the region.


© Esports North Asia Summit

After the last one in May was a resounding success, this second summit is going to focus around the recent changes in legislation regarding esports in many Asian countries. Senior execs, key stakeholders and other experts are going to participate in the new event.

Once again, the connection between the Olympics and esports will be discussed, along with the commercial potential of esports in North Asia. While in the South-East esports are massively growing and expanding already, this isn’t true for the entirety of the Asian region…not yet, anyway.

Special focus will be placed on the Japanese market of course – the summit will feature appearances by some of Japan’s biggest game developers – they will present their esports strategies, business models and more. PC games will be the focus – Japan has traditionally been more of a console-centric area.

Another focus of the summit will be discussions around the possibility of combining traditional sports with esports when it comes to live performances, broadcasts and transmissions. There are already plenty of partnerships between sporting franchises and gaming companies around, so this particular venture is off to a good start.


© Esports North Asia Summit

With well over 100 delegates from Japan and the rest of the world, this summit is the only B2B-focused esports event in the country. Between attending developers, publishers, government agencies, esports teams, broadcasting companies, and even interested investors and stadium owners, the North Asia Esports Summit is a pretty big deal both for the region specifically and gaming in general.

It’s an opportunity to network, engage, and rub shoulders with others in the business – that’s how new opportunities can be found and explored. This event is targeted at businesses and organisations involved in esports rather than fans the way events like the E3 tend to be. All in all, the summit is a 2-day conference consisting of panels, workshops, discussions and more. Tickets are available via the website, should you really want to go.

On said website, you can take a closer look at the agenda, the impressive list of speakers and even a resource library with materials on many of the talking points of the summit. You can find all that on their website:

The speaker-list includes experts from big names like ESL, Twitch, Nvidia, Blizzard, One Championship and the Japan eSports union, to name just a few  – even the Sports Director of the International Olympic Committee will be present at the event. If that’s not promising for the future of esports, we don’t know what is!

For now we have to wait though – since the summit is still a little under a month away.