EZ365 unveils esports betting blockchain service

Gaming fans should take note of the recent announcement that EZ365 have made plans to introduce a brand new esports betting platform that’s based on blockchain technology. As of early 2020, the Malta-based tech company will unveil their EZ Win betting platform that will allow gamers to bet on a variety of esports, as well as casino games and traditional sports.

It comes as EZ365 aim to transform the way that blockchain technology can be used. The brand will have their initial exchange offering on September 5, and this will be followed by the arrival of the EZ Exchange allowing customers to trade cryptocurrencies on their secure digital ledger.

EX 365 Esports betting blockchain technology

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The first version of the EZ Exchange will allow customers to trade popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Stellar and Ethereum. Users of the EZ365 service will be able to fund their accounts by making simple credit card payments that will be carried out on technology that is of the same security grade as those used in stock markets.

EZ365 have plans to introduce further cryptocurrencies when the second version of the EZ Exchange is rolled out eight months later. This will allow customers to trade in LTC, BCH, ETC, XRP. Version 2.0 of the exchange will also feature the provision for allowing users to make deposits and withdrawals via wire transfer as well as credit cards.

Such moves will pave the way for the EZ Win betting platform that’s due to land in early 2020. Although details are scarce about what kinds of esports odds will be featured, EZ365 have already stated that the sports on offer will include the likes of football, basketball, golf, cricket, UFC fighting, tennis, rugby, American football and more. There will also be the option of playing online casino games.

Cryptocurrencies play a big part in how EZ365 aim to take esports betting to the next level. Previously we have seen the likes of Unikrn facilitating a broad range of crytocurrencies that can be used for esports betting, but EZ365 aim to create a whole ecosystem around cryptos that make it much easier for customers to get to grips with the new technology.

This can be seen in the fact that EZ365 will be creating a special EZ Academy that will feature a host of educational guides that help customers understand and take full advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology. In addition to this, the Malta-based brand will be incorporating a responsive customer service team, and will implement ISO 27001 certification to ensure that all transactions carry the same level of security as major financial institutions.

Early customers who attend the brand’s initial exchange offering on 5 September will get to pick up the EZ365 ERC20 token. This will provide users with a range of benefits such as extra credits for the EZ Win platform, discounts on trading fees and access to premium products at the EZ Academy. All of which shows that EZ365 are keen to take crypto-based esports betting to the next level.