France building ‘national esports ecosystem’ to support industry stakeholders

France is known for being a front-runner in the European scene and the government presented a strategy to build a national esports ecosystem, hoping to attract more events and support for players at both professional and amateur levels ahead of the 2024 Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Image Credits | French Esports Association

France is structuring a national esports ecosystem

According to theesportsadvocate, the announcement was made at the Maison de l’Esport (a LAN gaming center in Paris by the French Minister of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, Minister Delegate of Digital Transition and Telecommunications Jean-Noël Barrot,  and Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak.

With many various esports stakeholders attending, including the France Esports association and esports personalities, the three ministries explained their focal points of a national esports strategy, the main one being the creation of a national esports ecosystem. The goal is to give better support to the amateur scene and make it easier to practice and participate events in France, as well as remove government obstacles to hosting international esports events.

To do so, the French government will work closely with the esports organizations and game publishers, hoping to make France a “big esports nation” and educate people and institutions on the industry.

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Furthermore, esports players can now apply for a visa dedicated to those competing in France for several years. Previously, this category of people could only apply for tourism or work visas, leading to potential delays as players couldn’t compete in official leagues.

Lastly, there are also plans for an Olympic Esports week which should take place in parallel to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Further details and format will be detailed later this year.

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