GAMURS Group launch their GamerAI beta for Dota2 and LoL players

The Australian esports company, GAMURS Group, have just announced that their innovative artificial intelligence software will now be made available to help players of League of Legends and Dota 2 get an extra level of insight into their gameplay.


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By downloading the app for the beta version of GamerAI, players can look forward to getting the tools necessary to boost their performance and take their gaming to the next level. This is because GamerAI can record a gamer’s performance, and then use the video on demand feature to recognise patterns and strategies.

By making full use of the artificial intelligence software, it’s hoped that the capturing of in-game data will help gamers make a note of problem areas in their gameplay in real-time, and help compile reviews of how things could be improved.

The video on demand system will automatically capture the data into a central review platform that can be then shared and monitored by esports teams. At the moment, it only provides frame-by-frame data, but future incarnations of GamerAI are expected to include an advanced video search feature and provide statistical insights into how the players are performing.

The beta version has just been announced on the GamerAI Twitter, and it’s currently only available for the League of Legends and Dota 2 games. However, there are plans to include artificial intelligence insights for titles like Apex Legends and Counter Strike Global Offensive soon. In addition to this, GAMUR Group have stated that they are considering extending the service to other esports such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League.


© Gamurs

At the moment, the GamerAI app is only available for PC computers, and there are currently no plans to release a version for Mac computers. Using the GamerAI app is relatively straightforward as you just have to download the Windows installer, create an account and then boot up your game. The app will then start recording your gameplay, and once your gaming session has finished, you should be able to review your performance at the GamerAI website.

There is currently no feature for reviews for team-based gameplay, but as esports is heavily reliant upon teamwork, it is expected that this feature will be added soon. Gamers can download the GamerAI app for free, although there is premium plan for $7.95 per month which allows you to record up to 20 video on demand performances.

Such an innovation is long overdue in the esports realm. Whilst traditional sports have long felt the benefit of detailed post match analysis, for competitive gaming, things have been much less precise.

But thanks to GamerAI’s use of artificial intelligence, it’s hoped that the wealth of in-game statistics can help pro gamers and amateurs alike benefit from detailed insights about their gameplay. And with plans to extend this service to many other esports, it seems that our pro gamers are set to get much better.