GameStop unveil their esports ambitions

GameStop are well known as being a global leader in the video gaming retail market. But the Texas-based brand have recently made moves to enter the hugely profitable world of esports. This is because the retailer have recently announced partnerships with top-level esports teams like Complexity Gaming, Envy Gaming and OpTic Gaming, plus they hope to encourage a new generation of amateur gamers to enter the fray.

All of this movement will be focused in the state of Texas, and GameStop have gained the naming rights to Complexity Gaming’s brand new training facility in Dallas. This will be a 11,000 square-foot facility that will be shared with Dallas Cowboys – the American football team owned by Jerry Jones who also has a large stake in Complexity Gaming.


© GameStop

The GameStop Performance Center will offer Complexity Gaming’s pro esports stars the chance to boost their performance through some seriously high-tech training facilities. These include enhanced gaming equipment, advanced data analytics and a special video studio. By allowing Complexity Gaming to share facilities with the Dallas Cowboys, it’s hoped that this move will form a handy bridge between esports and the traditional sporting realm.

But the new training facility will also include many services that are designed to encourage amateur gamers to get involved. These include special gaming clinics where amateurs will get to learn some of the tricks and techniques from some of the best gamers in the business. As Complexity Gaming are one of the longest-running esports organisations in North America, and have won well over 140 championships in their history, this project should hold plenty of fascination for many gaming fans when it opens later this summer.

GameStop have also announced the fact that they will be getting involved in a multiyear sponsorship deal with Envy Gaming. This esports organisation was started up as a Call of Duty gaming team back in 2007, but have since blossomed to incorporate the highly ranked Overwatch League team, Dallas Fuel.


© Ben Pursell | Blizzard Entertainment

In addition to this, GameStop have struck a deal with Infinite Esports which means that GameStop will get access to the OpTic Gaming franchise, alongside the popular Overwatch team, the Houston Outlaws. These moves will help to take Texas’ esports ambitions to the next level, and by teaming up with the tournament organiser, Matherino, it’s hoped that amateur gamers can join in the action.

But it doesn’t stop there, as GameStop will be hosting special viewing parties for Overwatch and will even be running special events through the Collegiate Star League. This will see the GameStop brand name being featured extensively at large student-led esports tournaments such as the 2019 and 2020 CSL Grand Finals.

GameStop had previously made tentative steps in the esports realm by organising special meet-and-greet events for Overwatch League teams such as Philadelphia Fusion. But through their recent high-level activities that look to make Texas a new hotbed for esports, it seems that GameStop are taking things up a level.

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