HyperX steps up their esports ambitions

All gamers will know that HyperX are one of the best brands in the business of gaming hardware. The US-based company have earned a strong reputation for their gaming headsets, keyboards and mice, but it seems that HyperX want to take things up a level.

This is because the brand have made a big splash in the world of esports recently. As well as sponsoring individual esports teams like Complexity Gaming and Pittsburgh Knights, HyperX have also made moves to sponsor entire esports tournaments to show off their gaming hardware.


© HyperX

In just the past couple of months, HyperX has sponsored the ESL Katowice Royale, and have now just been added as the official sponsor of the Esports Championship Series. This is well known as being the world’s premiere Counter Strike Global Offensive tournament, and it’s expected to showcase HyperX’s latest hardware that includes keyboards, mice, mouse pads, DRAM and solid state drive products.

It’s a big deal for HyperX as the previous ECS Season 6 Finals was the most watched CSGO gaming event ever broadcast with well over three million hours viewed. But by sponsoring the upcoming ECS Season 7 and 8 finals, HyperX will be hoping for much greater brand visibility.

The ECS Season 7 Finals will take place in London on 8 June, and they are already getting plenty of hype. This is because its expected to mark the appearance of Astralis who have gone on to be regarded as being the best Counter Strike team of all-time. However, with the likes of teams like Rogue threatening to cause an upset, it’s going to be fascinating to see which esports organisation has what it takes to claim the staggering $500,000 prize pool.

It’s going to be interesting to see how HyperX’s hardware will be handled by the gamers at this mammoth CSGO event. The brand had previously done a great job in sponsoring the epic ESL Katowice Royale last month, which saw HyperX peripherals like headsets and keyboards being used in some outrageous Fortnite showdowns.


© HyperX

But HyperX have also been known to think outside the box when they partner up with esports tournaments. This was seen in Katowice when they launched their HyperX Esports Truck that gave ample coverage to the rapidly growing mobile esports scene.

In addition to this, HyperX have also made the commendable move to sponsor the inaugural BroadcastHER Academy Challenge. This aimed to push forward the cause of female gaming, and the fact that HyperX would get involved in an initiative like this shows how forward-thinking this gaming brand are.

Whilst HyperX face plenty of competition in the gaming hardware realm from the likes of Razer and Xtrfy, such a wise choice of sponsorship deals should help the brand carve out their own domain in the fiercely competitive market. And as long as HyperX continue to partner up with illustrious esports teams like Complexity Gaming and Pittsburgh Knights, then we can look forward to seeing plenty of visibility for this tech brand in the coming months.