Immortals LLC enters Series B Fundraising worth $30Million

Immortals LLC is definitely one of the better known esports organisation out there. While most fans tend to focus on their teams and matches, of course, the financial side of it all is important too – without funding, no esports organisation can sustain itself.

As part of their Series B fundraising, Immortals also rebranded itself to Immortals Gaming Club (IGC). This is partly because it also bought up Gamers Club, a Brazilian game matchmaking platform, along with the other changes. That’s a pretty big change for the company, and a pretty bold step all at once.

Launching their new B Series funding circle is, of course, another big step – not to mention the hefty price tag they are aiming to meet. $30 million is a substantial amount of money, but with existing investors including companies like AEG, Lionsgate, and people like John Griffin, Steve Kaplan and Meg Whitman, it is perfectly doable. Of course, new investors are joining along with the previous ones in order to meet the goal.



Of course, perhaps the bigger change was buying up Gamers Club. Immortals Chief Exec Officer Ari Segal spoke out about the purchase: “Bringing together a premier platform in Gamers Club and our core esports team operations is a critical and exciting step in enabling IGC to become a vertically integrated, truly global esports and gaming organization.”

Those are some tall aspirations, but they’re hardly impossible – IGC will start out by operating Gamers Club’s CS:GO hub in Brazil while slowly expanding to other games and other regions, while IGC Esports, IGC’s competitive roster, will continue operating the Immortals, Los Angeles Valiant and MIBR separately under its brand, just like before.

One thing to note about this new change is that IGC is now officially the first ever vertically integrated esports franchise operator and gaming platform. To put it in a simpler way – they are the first company that both operates esports teams and has an esports platform as equal-priority branches. This is a pretty revolutionary concept because it means that IGC has their fingers in all the pies and can offer a complete service to esports fans that are also interested in the brand themselves – a one stop shop, so to speak!

As for the Gamers Club itself, it is based in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and is a community hub that sees over a million registered players across Brazil participating in matches of all sorts, though primarily CS:GO. The previous founders will continue to lead the company under the Immortals banner, and little will change for the actual users – the company will even maintain Games Club co-founder Gabriel Toledo on their MIBR CS:GO roster (in other words, he stays on the Immortals team!).

In an additional effort to support Brazilian esports in particular, IGC and MIBR (which stands for Made in Brazil by the way), have also established a brand new local Brazilian team with the help of some other esports professionals, including the former CEO of Pain Gaming, known especially for the fact that they were the first Latin American organisation that has its own gaming house.