Lakewood, Colorado about to open gigantic esports arena

A massive esports and gaming arena is about to open in Lakewood, Colorado this November – the Localhost Arena will be occupied by the Philadelphia-based N3rd Street Gamers. The amateur esports pipeline will have plenty of space for their use there – the brand-new arena is going to be a little over 18.000 square feet big and ready in just a few weeks.


© N3rd Street Gamers

Located at 1882 Wadsworth Blvd, the arena is set to target local esports organisation and marquee names from the Rocky Mountain region the arena is so close to. It was the Denver esports community that convinced N3rd Street Gamers to expand to Colorado in the first place:

“Denver is close to my heart as a place I have travelled to annually for decades,” said John Fazio, CEO of N3rd Street Gamers about the move. “More importantly, it is a strategic location that provides access to one of the country’s strongest and oldest gaming communities.”

Of course, there’s going to be a little more to the arena than just one organisation there – it’s going to be outfitted with the newest equipment including but not limited to 120 custom-built gaming PCs equipped with i7-8700K processors, 1080GTX graphics cards and 240Hz BenQ monitors.

Of course, console gamers won’t be left out in the rain either, as they get to choose between the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Whichever platform you choose though, you’ll get to enjoy a full gigabit fibre Internet connection.

Of course the arena that hosts just over 1000 people will also be set up to be available as an event stage – a permanent 60-foot long stage as well as a lounge and full-service-bar will make it the perfect location for local and not-so-local esports events, tournaments and other more. With so much going on in the ever-growing esports world, it won’t be a surprise to hear that there will likely be some event or other almost every weekend.

Of course, if you just want to go there to play, that’s easily done as well – pricing is $3 per hour or $20 for a day pass. There are monthly membership passes and there will be both the occasional discount and perk…think of it like a gym except without the pain and judgement, and instead with fun.

At the moment the space still isn’t completely finished yet so the official opening date isn’t entirely decided yet, but we do know that it will be some time in mid-November. With work still ongoing, local gamers are nevertheless already looking forward to the new site and the boost it will bring to esports in the region. John Fazio himself is already pretty excited about the new venue, and not just because it will host his own organisation:

“Localhost Arena will be our largest and most advanced facility,” he said. “And we are excited to push forward innovation in our industry while being a home to developing esports athletes in Colorado.”

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