Lenovo backs Scottish company in exceptional deal

When it comes to esports, the UK is pretty big – not as big as countries like the US, China or South Korea, but definitely a front-runner with an active scene and plenty of fans and players. Now, a lot of them are based in England, and while places like Norther Ireland and Scotland certainly have their own teams and companies, they tend to not necessarily make many waves, internationally speaking.

That has now changed – Esports Scotland, a Scottish gaming company, has just secured a huge deal with Lenovo, one of the biggest PC manufacturers in the entire world. Scottish esports as the company is called has just signed the deal of a lifetime. Lenovo will provide them with Lenovo Legion gaming PCs for events and competitions, while Scottish esports and its new league will set up tournaments in four different esports.


© Esports Scotland

These four are Rocket League, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege. While they notably left out games like Overwatch, Dota 2 or League of Legends, those are still extremely popular games with a hefty following and plenty of interested gamers to compete for the prizes. Compared to some international leagues, these prizes are relatively slim and amount to roughly £5.000 overall at the grand final.

Said final will mark the end of a tour of different competitions, and it’ll take place at the SEC in Glasgow. Scotland is already well-known for their effort in the development side of the gaming industry, and with this new partnership for the Scottish esports League, they are hoping to also gain major footing in the competitive side of things.

The founder of Esports Scotland spoke about the new partnership: “We’re thrilled to welcome Lenovo on board as our main sponsor for the 2019 Scottish Esports season. The team at Lenovo shares our passion for technology, gaming and the community of gamers across Scotland, and indeed, the world. Esports is a global phenomenon and its popularity is burgeoning. With Lenovo’s backing, this could be a landmark year in the growth of the Scottish scene.

The Scottish esports League itself is far from new – it’s just about to finish its second season this July, which is also the first event that is part of the new Lenovo deal. It’s a bit confusing to start a partnership with a final, but that’s what’s happening here! On the 20th and 21st of July, this final will take place, featuring the four games mentioned earlier. Fans can attend the event in person and watch the big competition, or you can, of course, follow along on streaming channels.

Either way, the final here will also mark the beginning of a new season – Scottish esports League biggest season yet, with Lenovo as their main sponsor, alongside a line-up of familiar other sponsor names.