Loot.bet joins forces with the ESIC to stomp down on fraud in esports

ESIC is short for Esports Integrity Commission. A non-profit independent organisation, ESIC has been around since 2016, uniting several esports organizations and companies in a common goal – to keep esports safe from fraud. Members exchange information and experience, while also eliminating corruption wherever possible.

The biggest area of opportunity for fraudsters is esports betting. There are plenty of safe esports betting sites of course, but there are also many fraudulent ones out there. It’s difficult to check, what with everything being online and esports tournaments happening frequently these days.

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In reaching our goal which is to make esports as fair as possible, bookmakers play a crucial role since their internal data analysis makes it easier to recognize the signs of a rigged match. We’ve been working in cooperation with LOOT.BET for months by now, and the bookmaker proved their readiness for full collaboration and has already helped us in one of our investigations. We’re glad to officially welcome LOOT.BET as our new Anti-Corruption Supporter. We believe that signing the Memorandum of Understanding with them is another step towards the future where esports if free from corruption and fraud” says ESIC Commissioner Ian Smith on the now announced partnership between loot.bet and ESIC.

The main tool for normal users to rely on when it comes to spotting fraud sites? Online reviews. Independent review sites allow users to post reviews that the company or site can’t influence, meaning that checking for reviews before using any betting site is just good practice. This is true for any sort of online retailer as well, but especially betting sites are prone to fraud, what with the sheer amount of them that has popped up to meet the growing demand for esports odds.

What about Loot.bet?

Loot.bet, a betting site also established in 2016 aims to make itself the posterchild for safe and responsible betting. They actively support the esports industry as well as offering odds and bets to users. They’ve even sponsored professional events for some of the more popular esports out there. And what better way to show your stance on fraudulent betting than to join up with the commission that aims to eliminate it?

Of course, no matter who or what a site is partnered with, it still pays to check out reviews. Loot.bet review is available online, as are reviews for other betting sites. Individual negative reviews may not necessarily be indicative of a bigger problem, but the more bad reviews there are, the more likely it is that a site is not all it promises to be.

Especially mentions of frauds, fixed bets, sites withholding winnings or even just completely unfair betting odds are major red flags for anyone interested in joining a new site. Don’t be fooled by attractive deposit offers – not all that glitters is gold, and not every offer is as good as it seems, especially if the site behind it has no intention of backing it up in the first place.

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