Italian esports power-move – Mkers partners with My English School

Next to esports giants like the UK or even Germany, Italy isn’t exactly a major force. Despite dedicated fans, talented players and growing interest in the field of electronic sports, Italy is still lagging behind other, more involved countries. That isn’t to say that the Italians aren’t keen on catching up – that’s pretty obvious whenever deals like this happen!

Mkers is an Italian esports organisation – one that was recently recognised as one of the most innovative start-ups in the country, actually – so a big name in its own right, just partnered with My English School in a pretty interesting sponsorship deal. While most of these deals are for things like gaming equipment, PCs or peripherals, this one is… not.

Mkers, new partnership with My English School

© Mkers

The deal with My English School

This deal covers something slightly unusual – English lessons! It’s easy to forget that on the International stage, English is a must, but not everyone necessarily speaks it, or speaks it well – My English School included access to courses at their network of schools for the players of Mkers teams. That’s an incredibly valuable thing to have access to and will definitely help the players with their debuts/journeys on the international esports circuit.

Thomas De Gasperi, the communication manager of Mkers, sounded quite excited about this new deal: “For a team like ours, which aims to establish itself more and more internationally, the knowledge of a global language such as English is a requirement. We have already embarked on this path and much of our communication now dialogues in dual language, but the improvement and study is part of everyday life. For athletes it becomes a necessity to know English, in terms of creating content but above all during international events, in which the only language used is English.

The other sponsorships

Along with this deal, Mkers also signed with a few other new sponsors – among them well-known brand names like Gilette, Twitch, and even Armani Exchange, who, as part of their deal with Mkers is the first high-fashion brand to enter the world of esports! They are strengthening their streetswear branding with this deal, as they designed and created a brand-new uniform for the team. The Mkers players will be brand ambassadors for Armani Exchange, while wearing their new fashionable uniforms during competitions and at events around the world.

Mkers in the Esports scenes

As for Mkers themselves, the Italian organisation participates in several different esports, including the FIFA 19 Global Series. Other games they have teams for are StarCraft 2, Clash Royale, Rainbow Six Siege, Street Fighter V, Rocket League, and Tennis World Tour. With their new outfits and soon to be improved language skills, it’s really only a matter of time until the Mkers teams leave Italy and become big names internationally as well – that would, in turn, give the Italian esports world a big and much needed boost towards being one of the top players in the world!

Gamers of the Mkers Hearthstone Team

© Mkers

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