New Topgolf – Super League partnership rolls out

It’s an interesting combination, these two – sports entertainment company Super League Gaming has just announced their new partnership with Topgolf. Such partnerships are normally pretty standard, except this one is a bit special – instead of pro tournaments or leagues, this one is all about amateur competitive events.


© TopGolf

More specifically, the goal here is to create multiple competitive amateur esports events around the US. YuChiang Cheng, President of Topgolf Media, said: “Super League Gaming understands how to deliver great in-person experiences for mainstream competitive video gamers, a rapidly increasing segment of our customer base. We love their inclusive vision and how they have established dedicated local communities in major markets with Topgolf venues. Together, we are creating a unique space for gamers to have a world-class, competitive and fun experience.

This partnership is going to cover quite a wide array of different games – from console to mobile-based esports programmes, there will be something for everyone. In addition to proper programmes, there will also be single-location events as well as location-vs-location competitions, much like we are used to from various different high-profile esports tournaments.

The new partnership is going to work together with third party organisers for these events – Topgolf is going to host its own events alongside Super League Gaming’s. Matt Edelman, chief commercial officer of Super League Gaming said: “Topgolf has established one of the most impressive experiential brands in the world and recognizes that esports can be a significant additional growth engine for their business. We are honoured to be their primary esports content partner and excited to collaborate with the Topgolf team to bring Super League events and our platform into their remarkable, expanding footprint.


© SuperLeague

Topgolf has done more though – late last year, they announced that they will create esports lounges at six different outposts in the US as part of a partnership with TV brand TCL. Of course, that’s only a fraction of the dozens of locations they have both in the US and internationally, but it’s a start, and a pretty interesting one at that – esports is slowly seeping into completely unrelated fields and it’s working surprisingly well – at least, going by the positive social media reactions stories like this one and similar ones have caused.

The very first event of this new partnership is already scheduled and set – it’ll be in Las Vegas! The Super League Clash Nights are going to be Super League Gaming’s very first Clash Royale tournament.

If you’re still thinking that golf + esports is a strange combo, you might soon be pretty alone in that opinion – even all the way at the other end of the world, similar things are happening – for example last January, in Australia, the Australian Open 2019 tennis tournament featured Fortnite of all things. 500 solo gamers fought their way through in the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne as part of the event – unusual? Maybe, but certainly a good move when it comes to engaging young audiences!