Pink October is here, and it’s bringing people closer together

Pink October is the official breast cancer awareness month. It’s a very big deal and the month is filled with events hosted by organizations, companies and groups from all over the world and from all possible fields as well. The aim is to raise both funds and also knowledge about this potentially fatal disease. It’s a really worthwhile cause as money raised during this time is used to fund life-changing research and support services for those suffering from cancer.

The pink ribbon – the symbol of breast cancer awareness – is what gave the month its colorful name, and in many cases, the name is the game here: It’s all about pink things. From fun runs with pink shirts, to pink wristbands that you can buy to show support, the possibilities are endless and everyone gets involved. This is true even in the world of video games, where earlier this year, Overwatch creators Blizzard designed a pink skin for one of the game’s healer characters and made it available for purchase – the proceeds generated by sales went to help support a breast cancer charity.


© Blizzard Entertainment

Of course Blizzard was far from the only company to make this kind of effort – in fact, even us here at sought the opportunity to chip in., forms part of Catena Media, and today, we’ve had the chance to raise awareness for this important health issue, while also having a little bit of fun. For this Pink October event, we’ve partnered with the Marigold Foundation (Malta) and all proceeds generated have been sent to this great organization.

The 19th of October… every October

On this day at our headquarters, the whole of Catena Media worked together to raise money to donate to the Marigold Foundation. Our efforts involved – of course – a lot of pink! Employees were invited to dress in their favourite pink clothes for the occasion, pink coffee was on offer as well as pink baked goods available in our bake-sale. Donation boxes lined the offices for this great cause. All of these and more were part of the programme.

Of course, it’s not just all about having fun and dressing in shades of pink – the point of breast cancer awareness month is to remind women – especially those in risk groups – to get themselves checked regularly, as early discovery is one of the best tools in combating the disease. It’s also not just the survivors of breast cancer that are affected. Family and friends are an incredible support network and money raised during this month also goes towards helping them better support and aid their loved ones.

Making a difference

There are plenty of ways you – or anyone – can make a difference this October! From getting yourself checked to reminding others, from donating to charity organisations to simply showing solidarity with Pink October. Unfortunately cancer touches most of our lives in some way or another, but there are countless great ways of showing your support for victims and survivors of breast cancer so don’t be afraid to get involved.