PlayVIG competitive platform launches an inter-game esports competition

The free-to-play competitive platform PlayVIG just launched what is probably the first ever inter-game esports competition and leaderboard. They launched the so-called Universal Leaderboards, which features a universal points system that allows gamers to compare themselves on one leaderboard, even if they play different games. Not all games, of course, but some of the bigger esports titles are part of PlayVIG!

PlayVIG Competitive Platform

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Universal Leaderboards: One For All!

Scores from different titles and even across different genres aren’t just compared at face value – how could they be? No, thanks to PlayVIG’s proprietary universal points system will weigh and balance scoring. That means that the difficulty of certain scores or achievements will be taken into account when determining how ‘valuable’ a certain score is. In other words – if, in the future, a Hearthstone player wants to compare their skills to a Fortnite player, they can.

If that sounds a little odd, well, you’re not wrong. It does however open up some pretty cool options as well. How about a Fortnite player comparing themselves to a PUBG player? An Overwatch player comparing to a Call of Duty one? This new system does open up some pretty interesting options, all things considered.

PlayVIG already has a pretty decent userbase of about 400k players – currently all on PC. Versions for console and mobile are on their way, meaning that soon, the free competitive platform will make it possible to determine who is truly the ‘best’.

Games available at PlayVig

The games currently featured include Hearthstone, PUBG, League of Legends, Rocket League, Fortnite and a few more. Depending on their preference, players can either just look at their ranking on the leaderboard, participate in challenges and quests for prizes, or enter into leaderboard prize pools. Whichever a player chooses, they can win virtual coins that can be exchanged for real money or digital goods.

PlayVIG Games

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Is PlayVIG legit?

PlayVIG claims to have paid out over $1 million USD in prize money over the course of more than 25 million games on the platform. But is PlayVIG really legit? On the whole, players seem to be happy with the platform, but there are players that have raised privacy concerns over the app recording their screen and storing those recordings on PlayVIG’s servers.

PlayVIG Cash Prizes

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Reported Issues with PlayVIG

There have also been players complaining about being banned without reason. Now, while any game will have complaints like that, some players reported the same handful of players winning every game, and themselves being banned as VPN users. Players also complain about frequent bugs and lack of support, as most replies seem to be bots and automated. Some players have also reported errors when trying to connect games like PUBG to the service.

Again, isolated incidents aren’t a full reflection of the service, but there are some concerns when it comes to privacy issues and unfair bans and blocks. As the service is free to use and not generally banned by video game publishers, only time will tell whether the issues reported so far are due to bugs, or genuine problems with PlayVIG.

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