RTS Arena: the new game that mixes RTS gameplay with MOBA elements will start testing this winter!

In a world where esports has shifted from strategy games to a generation of fast action a new game attempts to change the meta of the gaming industry with a bold mix that brings us back to the RTS strategic and tactical fun of the esports generation that started all, and the intense PvP missions and TF elements of the MOBA style: RTS Arena.

RTS Arena new game RTS and MOBA

© Shadow Masters Games

What is RTS Arena?

“RTS Arena” (working title) is the new RTS/MOBA game title created by Shadow Masters studio. The game environment is set on a remote planet full of mysterious ancient relics where three factions seek control over them by sending raid squads led by you, the commander player.

Your job is to destroy your opponents and grab valuables with squads of elite warriors controlled from a top-down 3D perspective, using RTS-style controls and strategy as you set up your squad from a selection of tactical classes and characters.


  • Combined strategy gameplay with modern MOBA elements
  • Eliminating the RTS’ build-up phase to keep with today’s active gaming
  • Match and class balance designed to last about 10 minutes.
  • Wide variety of units, roles, and skills to suit any playstyle
  • Customizable characters with flashy cosmetics.
  • 1v1, 2v2, and PvE campaign modalities.
  • Special tactics and terrain interaction: cover, elevation, destructible environment, calling for transport and more!

When will “RTS Arena” be launched?

Project “RTS Arena” alpha testing on PC is scheduled for 2019’s winter and you can get early access by subscribing to the studio’s newsletter here

Not convinced yet? Take a look at the first art of this new game title!

RTS Arena First Art

© ShadowmMasters Games

Who are the minds behind it

Shadow Masters is working along with White-Ra (Aleksey Krupnyk) a veteran StarCraft: Brood War player with notable achievements throughout his career.

As a pro player, White-Ra jumped to fame after moving straight up to the finals at the ESL StarCraft II Beta Invitational and gained thousands of fans due to his creative playstyle, great sportsmanship, and activity within the community.

 “Gaming is changing rapidly and we don’t see many RTS games nowadays — seems like the genre needs to change too. That’s why I’ve decided to share my knowledge with Shadow Masters and help with their new Project” he stated.

Besides, Krupnyk shared some insights about the project’s features “It combines a tactical variety of traditional RTS games with more focused gameplay and rich hero abilities of MOBA games. So you’ll play a game that’s as strategically deep, as tense and fast-paced. Perfect for your special tactics!”

About Shadow Masters

Born and based in Lviv, Ukraine, Shadow Masters is a game development studio established in 2012. It has a team of 20 passionate artists, programmers, and designers who aim at creating the ultimate multiplayer experience!

Up until now, they have participated in the creation of several games for various platforms, including titles such as 4Sight, Soul Reapers, Epic Arena and Jumpy Tree.

Is the gameplay changing for the future of esports?

“RTS Arena” offers a new perspective to the current evolution of the Esports era. As the strategy is being slightly taken by free-fire styles of gaming in one hand of the table, a fresh new start could bring the RTS back to the major news of the gaming world.

Full-strategy games such as Starcraft titles are still appealing to most players worldwide and new playstyles have always been the ones to open the path to better gaming experiences. Keep in mind that without Warcraft III editor we wouldn’t have MOBA’s today.

Will “RTS Arena” show us the future of esports? Only time will say. In the meantime stay updated with our Esports news.