SIS pioneers a new way to bet on competitive gaming

The UK-based sports betting service, Sports Information Services (SIS), has announced that it is spearheading a new way to provide betting on competitive gaming for traditional bookmakers. This will feature live head-to-head gaming tournaments that will be put on specifically for betting fans.

Whilst punters have usually had to make bets on pre-existing esports tournaments, a big part of the appeal of SIS’s service is that all of these matches will be monitored and carefully evaluated to ensure that a fair and transparent betting opportunity is provided.

What will be included in the SIS betting service?

SIS will unveil their new product at the Ice B2B gaming event in London, and it is already getting plenty of attention for the way that it only allows skilled and qualified gamers to take part in its tournaments. Not that there will be a shortage of betting options here, as SIS have pledged to include no less than 15,000 live events each year that will be created for its global partners.



The service won’t just organise the gaming contests, but it also looks to include live streaming visuals, commentary, and a wealth of on-screen information that can aid the user’s betting experience. Such an approach is hoped to make betting on competitive gaming much more simple for traditional sports betting fans, and it will see SIS making a significant step to get involved in the rapidly growing esports industry.

What games are expected to be featured?

The esports world is famous for including all manner of weird and wonderful gaming titles, but it looks like SIS are keeping their featured games a little more straightforward. This is because the brand’s live broadcasts will focus on what they call ‘popular sports titles’. Such an approach means that the project won’t run the risk of alienating traditional sports betting fans, and it also suggests that the most popular kinds of sports betting types can be applied to these competitive gaming titles.

As a result, you should be able to place win-draw-win bets on ice hockey, place a method of next score bet for a basketball game, or predict the half-time result on a game of football. However, it looks like SIS haven’t kept things completely about sports simulators as they have also included the option for some Street Fighter betting. This allows customers to bet on the fighter winner, next round winner, or try and predict the round correct score.

Many dedicated esports betting sites allow customers to bet on pre-existing games of Street Fighter V and FIFA, but by taking a different approach, SIS will be hoping that they can offer something new for their clients. Iconic esports like League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive and Overwatch may be huge hits in the competitive gaming world, but it’s hard to see how well they will sell to traditional sports fans. This is a core issue of what SIS look to be addressing with their ground-breaking new product.

A fair and transparent way to bet on competitive gaming

One of the most impressive ways that SIS look to bolster competitive gaming is the fact that all of their tournaments appear to have measures in place to overcome the troubling allegations of match-fixing that have dogged esports in recent years.

This looks to deliver a high integrity product that makes full use of guidelines issued by the Esports Integrity Coalition to ensure that each match produces a fair and transparent result. Because of this, we can expect to see each game being overseen by a fully trained referee, and the matches will take place in a controlled environment so that no foul play can take place.



In addition to this, there will be real-time monitoring of the matches to check for any instances of player bias, and all of the tournaments will take place in Las Vegas so that they get the benefit of coverage from the Nevada Gaming Commission’s gambling legislation.

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Can SIS transform esports betting?

The Sports Information Services brand has been in existence since 1986, and since then they have become an important part of the UK sports betting scene. By using the latest technologies, the brand have helped sports betting survive and thrive through many difficult stages. These have included the fact that SIS helped pioneer virtual racing at a time when the UK horse racing scene was stopped as a result of the foot and mouth outbreak.

The brand have also been quick to implement live streaming into many of its betting services which makes it particular well placed to handle the competitive gaming phenomenon. As a result, it seems that SIS’ move into esports couldn’t be better timed.