SLIVER tv – Korea’s newest mobile esports platform

With esports ever-soaring popularity in south-east Asia, it’s not unusual to see new esports ventures popping up. As is unfortunately the case almost everywhere, most of them are, simply put, doomed to fail. This doesn’t seem to be the case with SLIVER tv.

Funded by Kakao’s Klaytn blockchain project and partnered with the Theta video delivery network, there isn’t a lot that could hold the platform back. It is built on a blockchain that currently counts some 3 million active monthly users across Europe and the Americas alone.

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The platform will be the world’s first end-to-end mobile esports experience and will use the native Klaytn token – users will be able to share excess bandwidth in order to relay Korea video streams over the Theta video delivery network, earning themselves some Theta Fuel tokens in the process.



At the same time, they will also be able to earn in-game rewards that will given them Klaytn blockchain tokens as rewards for performing certain actions such as logging in, fulfilling quests, participating in chats or even donating virtual items. Both currencies earned can then be traded on for various perks and different elements in the app.

Speaking of apps, a ground base of 50 million potential users already exists – Kakao, the founders of the Klaytn blockchain plan to leverage the users of another mobile app of theirs in order to make this a successful venture for themselves. “SLIVER tv is positioned to take advantage of the cutting-edge innovation happening in Korea, from pioneering mobile gaming, to its embrace of blockchain technology and early market leadership and adoption of 5G wireless,” said Mitch Liu, the CEO of Theta Labs, Inc and now also

Games covered by the new platform will include things like Fortnite, League of Legends, CS:GO and more. Viewers will be able to watch top Twitch streamers on the platform as well, such as NICKMERCS, Method Hotted and 100T Ceice, for example.

If you are curious, there is an international version of that you can access any time on, you guessed it, sliver tv! The Korean version is region-specific and will focus more on regional content creators – given the insane popularity of esports in South Korea, there should be plenty to choose from in that regard!

The new platform is definitely worth checking out – it offers a new, decentralized way to watch and interact with esports pros, content creators and other gamers! The rewards offered by the platform aren’t bad either – for example, Theta, the video network provider, offers exclusive skins for the game Splitgate for example – they’re a pretty snazzy design and the best way to get them is by being active on their social media and by watching certain streamers at certain times in order to enter official giveaways!

There are other rewards as well – from t-shirts to gaming equipment and even cash pay-outs, has plenty to offer to gamers everywhere.

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