What’s up next for Team Dignitas

One of the oldest esports organisations, Team Dignitas, are currently considering to rebrand their organisation.

A new CEO

News broke on the 9th of May that Dignitas will be hiring former NBC Sports manager, Michael Prindiville, as their new CEO. Prindiville brings a multitude of expertise in management and business. Under his leadership, it is most likely that Dignitas will grow like never before as the esports industry continues its boom.

unknown dignitas team

Recent adventures

Recently, Dignitas signed on Gale Force, a world champion Rocket League team. Gale Force, are widely considered the top team in this game’s esports scene, having attained the title of reigning world champions, this will only cements their standing.

Dignitas’s new rocket team comprises of ViolentPanda, Turbopolsa and Kaydop, and this team’s success is not only limited to the world championship win, having also won first place in Rocket League Championship Series Season 4 – Europe, Rocket League Championship Series Season 4 – Finals AND  Rocket League Championship Series Season 5 – Europe.

The team will compete as Dignitas in the upcoming Rocket League Championship Series Season 5 – Finals between the 8th to 10th of June in London.

Potential rebranding

Under the lead of their new CEO, Dignitas has expressed their interest to rebrand the organisation. Whilst this might be tragic news to some fans, it might also be the move Dignitas needed to attract new supporters.

Getting back into League of Legends

After being denied a place in the North American League of Legends Championship Series, Dignitas disbanded their League of Legends section. This was certainly a shame considering Dignitas were one of LoL’s first major esports team to enter the scene.

Prindiville stated the organisation will be doing due diligence and all the necessary preparation prior to their application to join the EU LCS. Given that Dignitas does everything correctly in their application process, they should easily be accepted into the LCS since, as they’re no strangers to the competitive LoL scene, with preexisting fans.


Failing to enter the EU LCS would spell another lost opportunity for Dignitas. League of Legends is continuing to expand and shows no signs of slowing down; Dignitas definitely need a foot in League of Legends to be recognised as a major force in esports.

Possible entry into Overwatch

Dignitas has their eye on a spot in the Overwatch League. However, the entry fee is much higher than the newly introduced EU LCS spots. It is estimated a spot in Overwatch will set back Dignitas anywhere between $30,000,000 – $60,000,000 compared to the EU LCS hovering around $13,000,000.