Watch Dota 2 on plane flights with Air China

This may be the start of something great, competitive game VODs being available throughout flights across the world. However, that may still be a few years away considering the general slow roll out of new practices within the airlines. This is especially so considering that not even all flights globally have internet / wifi access for its passengers.

Dota 2 VODs with Air China

© Dota 2 Twitter

Air China rolls out Dota 2 VODs

The news first broke through Dota 2’s Weibo, one of the largest social media platforms in China. The post details that Dota 2 VODs would be available through their in-flight entertainment, the small screen planted mostly on the seat in front of you. Air China would be hosting Dota 2 content for the month of August. This was later confirmed by the Dota 2’s official Twitter account.

Why only August?

It is likely due to a licensing trial, where Air China wishes to test the waters for esports related content, and whether passengers would watch it. While this period does perfectly coincide with the largest Dota 2 tournament of the year, The International 2019, Air China’s Dota 2 collaboration does not include the TI9 coverage.

Future for game VODs throughout the world

This collaboration between Dota 2 and Air China is a major testing ground regarding esports’ presence within flights. If flyers take interest in Air China’s August coverage of Dota 2 content, it is likely other VODs, especially League of Legends, will start appearing throughout inflight entertainment systems globally.