X7 Esports Expands Following LDN Esports Acquisition

It seems as though X7 Esports is on a mission to acquire every UK-based esports organisation. In 2021, the company assumed control of both Bulldog and Absolved, two organisations based in the United Kingdom. Now, in a third acquisition in the space of just nine months, X7 Esports has announced the acquisition of London Esports. There are high expectations for X7 Esports, a firm that is poised to potentially become the next ‘powerhouse’ in certain areas of the UK esports scene.

For a while, X7 Esports has been focused on the League of Legends vertical. Both Bulldog and Absolved were involved heavily in the League of Legends tournament scene, but the acquisition of LDN Esports opens up a few more doors. This London-based organisation has been working hard to establish a foothold in Valorant and Rocket League esports. Last year, LDN announced its retirement from League of Legends following a historic victory at the UK League of Legends Championship.

Sweeping Changes


LDN Esports had worked to lock down several sponsors and partnerships since 2019

In the last year, the esports industry has been awash with acquisitions and mergers. Most recently, Envy Gaming announced its official retirement from esports, opting to move entirely under the OpTic Gaming banner. While the X7 Esports x LDN Esports merger is on a much smaller scale, it’s equally as important. These grassroots organisations in the United Kingdom are fuelling the growth of the esports scene across the country.

While the United Kingdom boasts a thriving esports community, it’s often somewhat dismissed as a truly powerful contender in the space. It’s very infrequently that the UK plays home to a top-tier esports event, and traditionally, UK-based esports organistions haven’t fared too well in the world’s top-tier esports tournaments. With that being said, organisations like Bulldog, Absolved, LDN, and of course, X7 Esports, are all working hard to put the United Kingdom on the esports map.

Alfie Wright, the CEO of LDN Esports, explained in a statement:

X7 have already proven their potential as an esports team. This is the perfect time for me to come on board, working alongside Josh and the team to help steady the ship as we look to cement our spot at the highest competitions in multiple titles.

This acquisition serves to bolster X7 Esports’ portfolio and competition reach. With the Valorant and Rocket League squads picked up from LDN Esports, X7 can now venture into other areas of the esports industry.