JD Gaming on the climb, OMG seeks a reset – LPL Spring Week 5

The LPL rolls on this weekend with three more games from the Spring Split on Saturday. Two of them are mismatches on paper and can even be considered money matchups. Here is a look at those matches along with a breakdown of the predictions.


JD Gaming vs Top Esports

Let’s start with the blockbuster between JD Gaming and Top Esports. Both of those teams have been at the top of their game at various points in previous splits but have both now fallen off that pedestal in 2022. JD Gaming started the new spring split with two straight losses before winning their next four on the bounce to move to seventh on the spring standings. Top Esports have been typically inconsistent, winning three of their seven matches in this split so far. That has pushed them down to 10th on the standings.

JD Gaming have got excellent production from Kanavi in the jungle, who is averaging 4.21 kills, 2.71 deaths and 6.93 assists per map at a KDA of 4.11. Hope has been in sparkling form in the bottom lane with returns of 5.78 kills, 1 death and 7.11 assists per map at a KDA of 12.89 and a creep score of 295.67. These two will be pivotal for JD Gaming through the rest of the split.

Over in the Top Esports camp, they will rely on their star mid and bot laner combination in Knight and JackeyLove. Knight has been the most efficient player for Top Esports, with returns of 3.47 kills, 1.94 deaths and 5.65 assists per map at a KDA of 4.7 and a creep score of 305.59. JackeyLove has been their most proficient offensive player, with 4.47 kills, 2.76 deaths and 5.65 assists with a KDA of 3.66.

It is hard to pick between these two teams. In betting terms, when a match is as close as this, it might be prudent to back the match to go to a third map. On Betway, you can back the Total Maps market to go Over 2.5, which will help you with odds of x1.90.

OMG vs Team WE

One of the mismatches on Saturday will see Oh My God face Team WE. OMG have been steady without being flashy so far this split, with a record of 4-5. They have, in fact, won more maps than they have lost (11 out of 21 map wins), which is indicative that they have not been able to close out tight games through the course of this split.

They will face Team WE, who have failed to even bring games to a third map frequently enough. Team WE have won just 1 of 7 matches. This leaves them languishing at 16th on the spring standings, with plenty of work still to be done. That probably means that the odds of x1.18 is not too bad for an addition as part of a parlay bet. Their odds are not high enough for a single bet but there are still plenty of betting opportunities available.

In terms of personnel, OMG will have the reliable services of Able and Crème to depend on. Able has generated the most kills with returns of 4.29 kills, 2.71 deaths and 4.71 assists per map at a KDA of 3.32. Crème, in the middle lane, has managed returns of 3.86 kills, 2.52 deaths and 5.29 assists per map at a KDA of 3.62 so far.

Finally, my choice would be to go for OMG scoring First Blood on Map 1 at x1.75 odds.