JDG finalize LPL 2023 super team with Knight and Ruler

After most regions across the world have locked their rosters, the LPL is finally starting to make some big moves. Today, JDG and TES have made announcements regarding their LPL lineup for the upcoming 2023 season, hiring some of the greatest players in recent League history. What will the rosters look like in the end?

Let’s find out.

Ruler LoL

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Ruler and Knight join JDG super roster, Rookie heads to TES

JDG come from a top 4 finish at the League of Legends World Championship, but despite being the best-performing LPL team this year, they have decided to go even bigger for 2023. Mid laner Yagao has left the organization and will be replaced by former Top Esports’ mid laner Knight and alongside him, JDG have hired 2017 world champion ADC Ruler who left Gen.G Esports after playing together for six years.

Speaking of TES, the vacant position left by Knight was filled with yet another world champion, former V5 and IG mid laner Rookie. He will be the only new member from last year’s roster since jungler Tian and ADC JackeyLove have extended their contracts, while top laner Wayward and support Mark have their contracts expiring at the end of 2023.

JDG goes all-in in 2023 season

Following jungler Kanavi’s contract extension, JDG will now have their hands on one of the most stacked rosters in recent history. Aside from these three who were among the very best in the world, the team will continue with the best-performing top laner of the LPL 369 and Missing, who also had a great year and is one of the rising stars from the league.

It will be interesting to see how Ruler and Knight’s signings will fit into the LPL salary cap regulations for JDG, but we might have to wait a little more to find out how expensive the two pickups were. Regardless, JDG decided to go with this strategy, with the hopes of bringing the World title back to China.

Based on how the LCK and the LPL are shaping up, we’re bound for yet another explosive League season in 2023.

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