How Kiaraakitty keeps returning after perpetual Twitch bans?

Popular Singaporean streamer and Twitch partner Kiaraakitty returns from her third ban just this year. After her first two lasted for only 24 hours, this last one took a bit more than a month – one month, three days and 16 hours to be precise. Unlike her previous bans, where the reason was quite clear, this last one was a bit more of a mystery.

What isn’t a mystery is how Kiaraakitty got her popularity. The 19-year old Singaporean streamer is well-known for both her gaming streams and her IRL streams (such as the hot tub stream with her friends). She also occasionally does interviews and chats to her large fanbase. Several of her videos are only visible to subscribers of Kiaraakitty – of which she has more than 200k. Her particular brand of appeal is heavily focused on her appearance. Kiaraakitty capitalizes on her attractiveness and tailors her content accordingly, nothing bad there.

Kiaraakitty may have figured out a secret formula to staying on Twitch indefinitely. Read on.

Kiaraakitty Twitch

Kiaraakitty scamming scandal

That is probably at least part of how Kiaraakitty found herself wrapped up in a somewhat peculiar scandal. An accusation was made that she was a scammer who had conned several men out of considerable amounts of money. The ‘evidence’ of this, such as it is, is a phone call that was uploaded onto a YouTube channel. It features a woman sounding like Kiaraakitty who admits to scamming several people.

“I know this is crazy, I scammed everything off. I took all his freaking savings. Told him that I got a growth in my kidney and I need money and I took it slowly, and then I just keep telling him like not now, and they just gave up after a while. All these guys just give up, they can’t do nothing to me because they are the ones who gave me the money so I’m really screwed up, I don’t really give a f**k because you can’t arrest me for loaning me money. You can’t do that, you offered it, it’s your fault.” Is one of the things heard in the call.

That said, there is actually no proof at all that the woman speaking really is Kiaraakitty. The source of the upload is also extremely dodgy. The channel that uploaded the video is titled ‘incel army’ and has no other content worth mentioning, with videos usually only a few seconds long, and a few hundred views at most. The only video with more than 3k views on the channel is the one that supposedly exposes Kiaraakitty.

Not surprisingly, she denied the accusation, and actually openly admitted that she’d made a police report. On the flipside, several people came forward, claiming to be either victims of hers or more commonly friends of the real victims. The only somewhat credible (at least based on what was verifiable) contribution to this whole scandal came from an ex of hers, another streamer named CookSux. He shared some conversations they had on Discord and apparently said he was going to contact a lawyer to report Kiaraakitty to the relevant authorities soon.

Beyond the scandal

Of course, Kiaraakitty’s ban and this scam accusation aren’t all there is to her and her history. Over the course of this, there were several forum posts and comments featuring doxxing, which she had removed by the police. Her ex-boyfriend has also been accused of fraud. In his case, he was actually arrested for the $47k he scammed on Amazon.

Beyond that, she also once was involved in a fight with a food review channel on Facebook. This came after she received an admin role there, and allegedly went and deleted the videos that the page had posted. Since there were no backups of them, the page was ultimately forced to close down. According to a page statement before it closed, she did it all over some jealousy towards another presenter that created content for the page.

While all of these things were picked up by and reported on by various online forums, almost no news outlets covered the incidents. No doubt in part because of how difficult it is to verify any of the accusations. It’s very much a he said-she said scenario, and since a lot of the comments against her are based more on hating her for things like plastic surgery or making a living based on her looks, it’s incredibly difficult to tell what if anything of the accusations she has faced actually has merit. There has been no verifiable proof of any of it so far.

Why Kiaraakitty might become untouchable

Kiara figured out the winning formula to evade Twitch scrutiny. Block public viewers from viewing your stream and clips behind a subscriber wall. Simple right? The result is only fans (pun intended), and actual subscribers engaging with the streamer. This eliminates most of the potential for scrutiny and reports to Twitch.

Her controversies may spill out onto other platforms and outside into the public. But, Twitch does not act on events happening outside of their domain. For something to be bannable it has to happen during streams. With viewer counts limited to subscribers the odds of oversight into the content of the streams is fairly limited.

We may reach a moment where all these streamers limit their audiences to subscribers only. Thus eliminating much of the “havoc” the regular viewers complain about.

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