Valorant Act 2 – New Battle Pass, Deathmatch mode & KillJoy abilities

The Valorant Act 2 update brings a ton of new weapon skins, gun buddies and sprays for your collection. On top of that you can engage in a new match mode and try out the new fan favorite agent – Killjoy.

KillJoy abilities, new battlepass & deathmatch mode– Valorant Act 2 update

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Act 2 Battle Pass & Deathmatch mode

A new act, a new battlepass, this will likely be the trend for Valorant. The new battlepass costs 1000 Valorant points, a very good deal considering the amount of radianite and skills that can be earned fairly painlessly by casually playing a few games per day.

The new skins and gun buddies are from three different item sets named: Hivemind, Red Alert and Polyfox. Compared to the Act 1 Battle Pass, Act 2 seems to have a lot more work and thought put into it.

Valorant is also quickly releasing more content. With the release of Act 2 we finally have the Deathmatch game mode. Unlike a traditional death match, for example in CS:GO, Valorant’s version has a few more things to note of.

Each game will consist of 10 players, where every person fends for themselves. The game has a 6 minute timer, but will conclude faster if a player reaches 30 kills first. Unfortunately, deathmatch will be a gun only mode, with no abilities being activated. However, players will be given heavy shields automatically and be able to freely purchase any gun. Killing enemies will drop health kits on the ground, picking them up will restore you back to full health, armor and automatically reload your weapon. To avoid camping, enemies are periodically revealed on the mini-map for all to see. This mode will be a great tool, on top of practice mode, and aid in aim training. While only a beta test currently, once issues are fixed and refined, it will become a permanent fixation.

Agent KillJoy

Valorant’s twelfth hero, KillJoy, has finally been released with the Valorant Act 2 patch update. The release of KillJoy will no doubt completely change the pace and feel of the game. KillJoy’s skillset allows her to hold a single site down very well even by herself, especially in the hands of a sharp shooter.

Here’s the abilities that make KillJoy a defensive powerhouse.


Killjoy places an “Alarmbot” on the ground. Like Raze’s Boombot, the Alarmbot will run towards an enemy once it enters its radius of attack. However, instead of dealing damage, it applies a de-buff to that makes vulnerable, doubling all damage taken for a set duration.
This will be an extremely strong ability when placed around corners and out of sight, giving Killjoy information an enemy is breaching through a certain area. Like Cyphers trap, such information will allow Killjoy’s teammates to rotate to site, heavily favouring the defender’s side. Double damage will be an extremely strong de-buff, allowing Killjoy and her allies to down enemies with only two rifle shots to the chest, or a simple classic pistol burst fire.


Killjoy places a turret on the ground. This turret will cover a coned area in front of it, shooting enemies after one second. The turret damage varies based on range, dealing either 8, 6 or 4 damage. The turret can be easily destroyed if left unguarded or in line of sight, especially to snipers given it only has 125 health.
Turret will be best placed in a location that only enters line of sight when enemies push around a particular entrance, corner or point. This will enable Killjoy to set up crossfires along with her turret, forcing her enemies to focus taking down her turret, or face a constant stream of damage that builds up overtime.


A stealth grenade that can be placed on the ground and detonated at free will, affecting targets in a small radius around it.
Yet another ability that will allow Killjoy to hold a bomb site down. Nanoswarm will force enemies rushing a point to decide, proceed with the push when they see the activation animation, or fall back, buying more time for Killjoy’s teammates to rotate.

Lockdown (Ultimate)

Killjoy deploys the Lockdown device on the ground. After 13 seconds, enemies caught in a large radius around the device will be unable to use abilities or shoot for eight seconds. The device has 150 health and can be destroyed.

Placing this down can immediately force enemies to rotate off a bomb site, an effective ability for both attackers and defenders. The lockdown device should always be placed out of line of sight considering its low health, and large cost 7 point ultimate cost. Even better, it should be placed in an area where enemy abilities cannot reach it, for example, around corners and behind a sage wall.

Raze nerfed then Raze disabled

Raze has been extremely powerful since her release, with all her abilities dealing large area of effect damage. Fortunately, her blast packs that has little to no counter play in close range and around corners has been nerfed. The blast pack damage has been reduced from 75, to 50, no longer being able to kill enemies with heavy shields in two taps. This is the second round of blast pack nerfs after its damage range has been nerfed previously.

A short while after the patch went up, Raze has been disabled after a bug occurred with her ultimate. The Valo ops quickly disabled the champion until the bug is fixed.

While Raze is receiving a ton of hate from the balance team, Reyna is still dominating competitive and ranked play with her superior ability kit. Currently Reyna is the Agent with the highest win rate. We are not counting Sage in the equation, as Sage is present in every match on both sides by default making her win rate roughly 50% always.

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