KRÜ Esports faces Team Liquid in their Reykjavik opener

The action-packed VCT Latin America Stage 1 ended with an outstanding grand final matchup. As a result, the region’s best team KRÜ Esports lifted the trophy versus its biggest rival Leviatán.Going into Reykjavik, KRU will once again have the monumental task of putting LATAM in the spotlight.

Their first round opponent has a very familiar name.

Keznitd KRU Esports

Destroying the competition locally

The domestic Playoffs were not as clean as some may have expected.

KRÜ Esports got a tough loss to start their domestic Playoffs against E-Xolos LAZER. Besides the fact that nobody expected this outcome, E-Xolos LAZER showed everyone kings can bleed too. Not dropping a single map, E-Xolos sent KRÜ to the lower bracket with a 2-0 victory.

Following the upsetting result in the first leg, losing was no longer an option for KRÜ Esports. With this in mind, keznit and his friends managed to recover against FUSION. Putting in a convincing performance, VCT 2021 Champions’ third place grabbed the victory by giving up only five rounds in two maps. Coming up next, the team met E-Xolos LAZER met each other once more during the playoffs. But, it was revenge time for KRÜ. Dropping 39 kills and generating 255 Average Combat Score, NagZ played a huge role in bringing the W for his team. KRÜ traded each other nearly perfectly and advanced to the grand final with a 2-0 score.

Leviatán and KRÜ Esports faced each other in another final. The competition between these two teams was the main topic in their respective region and they carried their rivalry through to the end. From the very first map, it became clear how close the competition will be.  The first map of the series was Breeze as the pick of Leviatán. As neither team could beat each other, KRU Esports got the first point with 15-13 in overtime. However, Leviatán succeeded in stopping its opponent to make a streak by winning the next two maps 13-9 and 14-12. Tacolilla and his friends were one step away from grabbing a spot in VCT 2022 Masters Reykjavik, but their dream was crushed by KRÜ. The Champion of South established dominance in the last two games of the series, winning them successively 13-4 and 13-6, becoming the winner of Latin America with 3-2 score in total.

The team’s duelist player keznit dropped 92 kills throughout the grand final and helped his team earn a spot in Masters.

Team Liquid are the first opponents in Reykjavik

Once again, LATAM’s favorites face Team Liquid at a major event. These two teams have a tendency to run into each other at every major event. Team Liquid has won two out of two outing thus far, yet we feel this time KRU are the favorites. Liquid was awarded a spot at the event out of sheer luck, after FPX were unable to travel to Reykjavik.

This is the first time we consider a LATAM team an actual favorite in a Masters match. To make things even more interesting, KRU may have to deal with NA’s runner up in their follow up match. If they manage to win against both western opponents, they will suddenly become a favorite for Valorant betting for the remainder of the event.

Lets not get ahead of ourselves though. In one week, we will see if LATAM has grown since last year’s VCT Champion, and if KRU Esports is a new contender on the global stage.