LCK 2022 Mid-Season Roster Shuffle ahead of Summer Split

After finishing 2nd at MSI, the LCK is preparing for the upcoming Summer Split, with even more action than what we saw in Spring. It was a relatively quiet mid-season in the LCK as well, probably the quietest among the major regions. Let’s dig through the LCK rosters and see how things shape up.

LCK Summer Midseason

LCK Summer 2022  Mid-Season Roster Moves

Aside from two teams, teams from the LCK didn’t make changes to their starting lineup. Some have changed their coaching staff or added a few rookies, but that’s about it. Without further ado, let’s jump into it!

Disclaimer: Not all teams in the LCK have confirmed their rosters, and they will not be until each team’s first match. Official announcements are taken into account, so you can consider those certain. New entries will be highlighted in bold.


  • Top: Kingen
  • Jungle: Pyosik
  • Mid: Zeka
  • ADC: Deft/Taeyoon
  • Support: BeryL

No changes in the DRX lineup, after a relatively strong Spring split finished in 4th. We’ll see whether DRX can continue the positive trend and make it to the top 3 in playoffs.


  • Top: Nuguri/Burdol
  • Jungle: Canyon
  • Mid: ShowMaker
  • ADC: deokdam
  • Support: Kellin

DWG Kia is the team that made the greatest headlines in the LCK during the mid-season break, with Nuguri returning to the team and reuniting with Canyon and ShowMaker. While the top laner’s performance wasn’t great in the LPL, I’m sure that he will perform much better in his domestic league. Will this be enough to bring DK back into contention? It’s still early to say…

Fredit BRION

  • Top: Morgan/Sw0rd
  • Jungle: UmTi
  • Mid: Lava
  • ADC: Hena
  • Support: Delight

No changes for Fredit BRION, who made an unexpected top 6 finish in spring. Morgan is the player to watch out for: after being the weak link in Hanwha Life, he’s really starting to show that he’s worthy of an LCK team.


  • Top: Doran
  • Jungle: Peanut/YoungJae
  • Mid: Chovy
  • ADC: Ruler
  • Support: Lehends

Gen.G will keep together the same team for summer, after being the only team to even come close to the champions T1. It will be interesting to see if the meta will help the team, now that ADC will have much more saying… and we all know how strong Ruler is.

LCK 2022 Summer 1

Hanwha Life

  • Top: DuDu
  • Jungle: OnFleek/Willer
  • Mid: Karis
  • ADC: SamD
  • Support: Vsta

Weird to not see any changes to the HLE lineup, after finishing dead last. I’m not expecting much better results for this team, and they will likely finish at the bottom of the standings in summer as well.

KT Rolster

  • Top: Rascal
  • Jungle: Cuzz/GIDEON
  • Mid: Aria/VicLa
  • ADC: Aiming
  • Support: Life

KT Rolster missed out on Playoffs in spring, with what was on paper a really exciting team. They will likely have to build more energy and play around their ADC aiming, who I think has the potential of bringing them to where they want.

Kwangdong Freecs

  • Top: Kiin
  • Jungle: Ellim
  • Mid: FATE
  • ADC: Leo/Teddy
  • Support: Hoit/Moham

KDF has brought in a new support player from its academy, the 19-year-old Moham. I don’t expect him to play much, considering Hoit’s position so far, but he will get the chance to improve more with the main team.

NS RedForce

  • Top: Canna
  • Jungle: Dread
  • Mid: Bdd
  • ADC: Ghost
  • Support: Peter/Effort

Nongshim was probably the most disappointing team in the whole LCK, after creating a team that was on paper at least a playoffs team.

During the mid-season break, the team has brought in a new Head Coach, Irean. After having worked for many different teams, including Turkish, CLG, EG and Team Vitality, Irean might be what they needed to bounce back from the 8th place finish in Spring.

NS LCK Summer 2022


  • Top: Dove
  • Jungle: Croco
  • Mid: Clozer
  • ADC: Prince/Envyy
  • Support: Kaei

The only change in the LSB lineup is the departure of substitute top laner Howling. Considering Dove’s performance as a top laner after his role swap, I guess he didn’t have any opportunities, thus the decision of leaving the team. This, unfortunately, won’t change much on the team’s potential: expect them to be in the bottom pack.


  • Top: Zeus
  • Jungle: Oner
  • Mid: Faker
  • ADC: Gumayusi
  • Support: Keria/Asper

Just as many expected, T1 will not make any changes to their roster. Despite losing the MSI finals, T1 have shown that they can fight with the best teams in the world. No team in the world would ever change a winning formula, especially considering how dominant they were in spring.

With that being said, T1’s weaknesses have been brought out at MSI, and I’m not expecting Faker and his teammates to go for yet another perfect split. Nevertheless, I’m also pretty sure that they will be at Worlds…