LCK Spring 2022 Week 2 – Who gets to be top dog?

The LCK concludes its second week of action on Sunday with a couple more fixtures. Who has the advantage in the LCK going into Week 3?

Let’s analyze the spring split of the Korean league below.

LCK week 3

DK shaken but not stirred

The story of the spring split so far has been DWG Kia’s slow start to the new season. They have lost two of their first three matches, which has left them languishing at sixth in the LCK standings. That is not a position DWG Kia will be used to considering their usual level of strength and depth across positions.

They started with a comfortable straight-maps win against KT Rolster but their season has unraveled thereafter with defeats to Gen.G and Nongshim RedForce, both in the third map. That will be of little consolation to one of the best teams in the world, who will now be determined to cruise through their next few matches, which includes a favorable matchup against Fredit Brion on Saturday.

Odds for a DWG Kia win on Betway are x1.22.

Gen.G and T1 fight for top seed

Both Gen.G and T1 are also in action this weekend. Both teams have stayed perfect while DWG Kia have slipped up. That is how you pressure on one of the best in the world. Gen.G are currently sitting at the top of the LCK standings with a 3-0 record, with six wins in seven maps. T1 own an identical record; even their map record is 6-1.

Gen.G will fancy their chances of making it four from four when they face Hanwha Life Esports on Saturday. Their odds on Betway are 1.12. However, it might make more sense to back Gen.G to win without dropping a map, which is currently at x1.50.

Ruler has been in devastating kill form in the bottom lane, producing returns of 5.29 kills, 2 deaths and 5.71 assists per map at a KDA of 5.5. Chovy has been in dominating form in the middle lane, with production of 4.43     kills, 1.71 deaths and 8.57 assists per map at a KDA of 7.58 with a creep score of 332.14. These two will be hard to stop for any team.

T1 have a tricky opponent against Liiv Sandbox on Sunday. While the odds don’t necessarily suggest that, Liiv Sandbox could be a potential banana peel for T1. I certainly think Liiv Sandbox have the ability to win at least one map. T1 should still remain unbeaten even if that does pan out as expected. They have relied heavily on their own mid and bot laner pairing of Faker and Gumayusi, who have chipped in with 4.86 and 4.71 kills per map respectively to lead their teams. Interestingly, jungler Oner has the team’s best efficiency with returns of 3.43 kills, 1.71 deaths and 8.71 assists per map at a KDA of 7.08.

All three of the LCK’s best should escape the weekend without an upset, although that may not appear the case for the entirety of their matches. That will mean that not much changes in the LCK, taking the fight to week 3.

If DWG Kia do slip up, though, we might need a deeper breakdown of their style and what has changed. They have been the most consistent team in the world for a while now so don’t expect that to happen too soon.