Down Under: LCO 2021 Split 2 Update

The second 2021 LCO Split is chugging along nicely. Any top OCE players signining with various academy teams around the world, must be kicking themselves as their home region is looking better then ever. However, 2021 saw great shuffles in its previous team standings, with well-established forces like Legacy Esports and Dire Wolves tumbling, while others transform into top contenders.

A look down under now brings us almost at the finish lin of the LCO 2021 Split 2, the competition already in an intense stage. Heading into Week 7/8, the top six teams are split into two groups of three falling within two wins of each other on both ends.

LCO Split 2


Is 2021 the year the Chiefs make it to Worlds?

The Chiefs Esports Club have always been one of the top few teams in Oceania. Unfortunately, they have also always managed to be slightly behind the best, with three of three 3rd place finishes in the previous OPL / LCO playoff events. However, Chief Esports Club are looking as strong as ever, currently 11-5, only a win away behind Pentanet.GG. Aside from their two losses against PEACE Gaming, an extremely formidable underdog team, the Chiefs have a strong edge over the other teams. Considering the Chiefs have always performed stronger in the playoffs compared to the regular season, the Chiefs are a clear favorite to represent the region down under.

With Playoffs largely secured, there is only Pentanet standing in their way from representing their region at Worlds 2021 for the first time.

Legacy Esports fails to recover

Legacy Esports had once been the hope for the entire Oceania region, clearly dominating all stages in the 2020 OPL and making it to worlds. The team made a name for itself on the global stage, only a single win away from entering the groups stage, a feat no OCE team had ever achieved. Unfortunately, the changes to Oceania cost Legacy Esports most of their top talent, leaving the team scrambling to assemble a new roster.

The entire 2021 had been a disaster for Legacy Esports and their new roster, placing 6th in the 2021 LCO Split 1 event, ending 4-10.  Currently, the team are sitting at 7W-9L at the cusp of missing Playoffs. With the competition being so intense with the top six teams, Legacy must seriously improve to even stand a chance to compete in playoffs and potentially Worlds.

Oceania’s chances at Worlds 2021

While new promising teams in the region have emerged, there is no clear dominating force in Oceania. Oceania in the past had always failed to make it out of playoffs despite the region having teams who were at the absolute peak. 2020 particularly had been a year where Oceania had displayed its potential, holding their own even against teams from the main regions. With the region weakened and there being no clear top team, hopes for Oceania in the upcoming 2021 Worlds look dim.

If it once again comes down to a battle against the LCO and LCL, we might see the Oceanic region prevail for the first time, as UoL is not really looking as convincing as before, and both regions look rather lost.