Chief EC seek to stay on top – LCO Week 3 Match Predictions

The LCO resumes in the new week with a couple of rounds across Monday and Tuesday. With the season progressing at a fair pace, these middle rounds could prove to be pivotal to how the Oceanic league pans out. Here is a look at some predictions from the next two rounds from the LCO.

LCO week 3

Chiefs EC matches are the hottest pick

Chiefs Esports Club, currently at the top of the table with a clean, unbeaten record after four matches, have two even money matches: first against Peace on Monday and then against Pentanet on Tuesday. The first of those games will be one for eyeballs because both esports teams have 4-0 records to start the season. Pentanet GG are 2-2 for the season.

Here is some strategy for these two matches. Considering Chiefs Esports Club have been in sprightly form this season, there is a chance there could be some additional determination to remain unbeaten. As a result, you could consider betting an equal stake on Chiefs Esports Club in both of those matches. While it is possible, it is unlikely that Chiefs Esports Club will lose both of those games, which means that you should be able to break even on your investment if they win even one. And if they win both, there could be an attractive payout.

And here is some research on Chiefs if you plan to do just that. They have been simply dominant in the lanes of Summoner’s Rift this season: across top, mid and bot. Raes has been Chiefs’ most prolific weapon, with returns of 4 kills, 0.75 deaths and 4.75 assists per map at a KDA of 11.67 and a creep score of 286. Both Tally in the mid lane and Topoon in the top lane have the exact same KDA (5.71). Topoon has managed 3.75 kills, 1.75 deaths and 6.25 assists while Tally has managed 2.5 kills, 1.75 deaths and 7.5 assists per map.

Mid-table shenanigans

The first match of the new round, is between two bottom-placed teams facing each other. Kanga Esports, who have managed to win just one of four matches, are currently languishing at joint sixth in the split standings. There is only one team with a worse record, which is Gravitas, who have managed to lose all their four matches to date.

On Betway, Kanga Esports are quite an attractive x1.30 to beat Gravitas. That is compelling because Kanga Esports have not come close to their expected standard of output yet this season. In such a crowded mid-table, a run of form could completely overhaul the standings. Kanga will be hoping they first snap their two-game losing streak and then find that momentum for the subsequent rounds.

Dire Wolves with upset potential

Finally, let’s finish with a potential upset to end Tuesday’s action. ORDER have odds of 1.50 on Betway in their match against Dire Wolves, who have been assigned pre-match odds of 2.40. There isn’t a lot between these two actually. Order are currently 2-2 for the season while Dire Wolves are 1-3, currently in joint sixth in the standings.

Dire Wolves started the season with a win but have lost three straight matches since then, which have left them in a tough spot. However, I’m backing them to come away from these two rounds with potentially two wins, which will change their complete outlook for this season. And the higher payout is another strong reason to back the upset.

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