100T or C9 – Who will challenge Liquid? – LCS Championship Finals

The LCS Championship 2021 is entering its final stage. After TSM lost to Cloud9 in the losers’ brackets, we’re going to take a look at the banger between 100 Thieves and Cloud9 for a shot at the trophy. Who will advance? And what kind of bets should we do?

Let’s check it out in our LCS Championship Finals Preview!

LCS Championship 2021

LCS Championship Finals – 100T vs C9

100Thieves or “budget TL” as we call them round here, are bound to clash with C9 for a shot at the LCS Finals. Everyone will have their eyes on mid lane: Abbedagge and Perkz as the defining players for game stability in their teams.

The real battle however, is going to be in the Top Lane where Fudge needs to hold a dominant Ssumday. Staple picks like Gangplank and Gnar will be highly contested, and whoever wins top will likely sway the game in their team’s favor.

We can expect a very close series similar to C9/TSM and TL/100T that preceded. Following the last series played by both teams, we can say that the level of play is roughly equal. For this reason, this might very likely be a 5-game series: betting an over 4.5 maps will net you a 2.7x return.

Between these two teams, I think that Cloud9 has a slight advantage. The Perkz Playoffs Buff is real, and as long as he has his lucky cap on, C9 looks unstoppable. If you’re able to get the 3-2 score for C9, you’ll be able to make 4.75x on your investment! It’s slightly risky but it’s worth to give it a go.

Instead, if you want to play it safe, you can go for First Blood/First Tower for any of the games, which will almost double your earnings. (1.85 for C9, 1.91 for 100T) As usual, make sure to check out their drafts first, as it will increase your chances of nailing the bets.

Team Liquid awaits

Team Liquid surprised many fans when they were able to demolish TSM in a convincing fashion. The team finally shines thanks to both Santorin and Alphari coming back onto the main roster.

What’s more important, however, is that TL has finally found their best identity. First, a strong early jungle-top duo, with the ability to win any skirmish on the map. This allows Alphari to get a lead for himself and start his lane kingdom show on his own. With that secured, TL proceeds to attention on the mid lane, thanks to the help of the support CoreJJ. The Korean player leaves the lane to assist his jungler for any movement on the map, punishing any little misstep.

This version of Team Liquid is the one the organization was looking for since the very beginning: a trio of potential carries ready to take control. Everyone can take the leader role in dishing out the damage and the stats are backing it up: all three carries have around 25-27% of damage output.

In a clash against either of the two teams (C9/100T), TL will be marginal favorites. This comes mostly due to Alphari being a game runaway potential for Liquid, when facing either Fudge or Ssumday. I expect bot lanes to be fairly equal, waiting on what happens in mid on top to define their play. The potential win condition for either C9 or 100T against TL will be either to shut down top lane, or have insanely aggressive Jungle/Mid synergy that makes Jensen useless.

Once bet comes available, you can once again go for a 5-game series bet and a 3-2 final score in favor of TL. I am quite confident they have this season nailed. Either way, we are in for a special treat this upcoming weekend with the resolution of the LCS Championship Finals.