Expect all 10 games at LCS Mid-Season Showdown this weekend

The LCS 2021 Mid-Season Showdown continues this weekend with two exciting Losers’ Bracket series. On Saturday, TSM takes on EG, while Sunday features 100 Thieves vs Dignitas.

Both series are likely going to Silver Scrapes, especially considering the clash of styles in each match up. Here’s what you should expect, our LoL betting predictions and general analysis of this Mid-Season Showdown weekend.

Evil Geniuses LCS


This matchup may prove to be an interesting one due to a few factors.

First up, the midlane matchup of PowerOfEvil vs Jiizuke will be key. POE has done a lot of heavy lifting for TSM this split and his performance is key to TSM winning. The EG mid laner Jiizuke is at his best with non-standard champions such as Ekko and Ryze. When he plays these champions into control mage matchups he has had success. His split push (especially with Ekko) has proved to be effective as well, which should matchup well against TSM as they tend to focus on team compositions where they want to team fight 5 vs 5. If the mid lane features a standard matchup, TSM should have the edge in those games. 

Another interesting component is the draft. We saw TL won handily using the 1-3-1 style of play last weekend against TSM, who were unable to draft appropriately and react to the obvious composition Team Liquid was going for. They did not adjust their side lane draft when TL picked Twisted Fate and Gnar. If EG can draft well in their upcoming series, they could have a strategic advantage. TSM’s poor drafting against TL put them at a disadvantage in game 2 and especially in game 4. If we continue to see heavy Seraphine based play from TSM, EG could split push and never fight 5 vs 5, which is essentially what TSM based their play around in their last series.

Overall, TSM is the more consistent team as of late, however if Impact and Jizuke can pop-off they are a scary team. Unfortunately due to their coin-flip nature they are at a disadvantage in a best of five.

Our expectation is that the series goes to four games at least and potentially a full Silver Scrapes scenario. Any bet placed on total maps over 3 should be a winner.

100 Thieves vs Dignitas

100 Thieves are looking to bounce back after a downward spiral that culminated in a poor showing that saw them lose 3-0 against C9 last weekend. Though they have a great bot lane that helps them be consistent in team fights, they seemed to let C9 set the pace. They are a very passive team and that can be a real disadvantage when playing an unorthodox style like the one Dignitas plays. 100 Thieves will need to get their confidence back. 

The jungle will decide this matchup. With Dardoch being the more versatile jungler, Closer will need to have better objective control then he had against C9. If they continue to dedicate resources to a lane, they need to capitalize on objectives, something they did not do last weekend. Especially in game two when they dedicated several top side ganks to Ssumday who was playing Aatrox, and did not get the Rift Herald. 

Dardoch’s deep champion pool could prove to be an asset for Dignitas in this series with how flexible he is. If he can pull out a pocket pick and take early objective control, Dignitas could find momentum in this matchup.

Dignitas’ individual players seem to be hitting their groove right now, which could spell trouble for their opponent. With 100 Thieves playing passive early and trying to team fight, it may be a trap as Dignitas’ has been looking stellar in that department, especially with their consistent early pressure. If Dignitas can make plays early around Dardoch and aphromoo in order to get ahead, they have a path to victory.

We expect every match in this series taking over 33 minutes (except for the first map, where any cheese can happen). This would mean any bet placed on a longer map duration is viable, and GG.BET would give you atleast 1.88X return on your investment.

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