LCS Proving Grounds Match Predictions + Round 4 Recap

With the LCS NA Proving Grounds almost done, let’s take a look at what went down in Round 4, as well as setting some expectations about the upcoming matches. As per tradition, we’ll be adding the best betting odds for the next matches. With their higher uncertainty, odds will be higher than usual: it’s the perfect chance to earn some good cash on these games!

LCS Proving Grounds

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LCS NA Proving Grounds Recap -Round 4

The bracket has gone through four full rounds of play, and four LCS Academy teams remain in the bracket. In round 4 of the LCS NA Provings Grounds, Team Liquid Academy went up against Dignitas Academy. In a relatively close series TLA coming out victorious 2-1. They were able to win thanks to better drafting, especially thanks to the Lulu-Cassiopeia top-mid combo. The shields, the zoning and the peeling potential almost made it impossible for DIGA to find any possible openings. Paired with the fact that DIGA drafted various melee all-in comps, TLA had to play the game slowly and give the resources to the carries. The two teams’ potential, however, may be a little closer than what was expected: in Game 2, DIGA was able to come out victorious when playing similar team compositions.

Meanwhile, 100 Thieves Academy met with Wildcard Red in the second winner bracket match. Thanks to Ryoma, Chad and Gamsu and some extremely diverse picks, 100T managed to win out 2:0 and set themselves up for a winners final against TL Academy. The key takeaways from this series is the absolute versatility 100TA has in terms picks and champions. The aggressive jungle, mid combination came out victorious in multiple skirmishes and sets up a solid match for the winner bracket final between the two.

Wildcard was sent packing to lower bracket, for an 5 games series against Golden Guardians Academy. After going down 2:1 early in the series, GGA pulled through on the back of an amazing Aphelios by Prismal in Game 4 and an insane LeBlanc by Yunbee in Game 5. It was individual play that outscaled Wildcard in the end, and head2head matchups decided this series.

Finally, the DIG and IMT Academy teams faced off in an elimination match plagued by player mistakes and incoherent team compositions. The only highlight in this series was how well IMT.A adapts to teamfights and tempos their fights accordingly. What they lack in individual superiority they earn by winnings some intense teamfights. Their duel against GGA, will be a class of styles where superior laners meet superior teamfighting. If IMT.A manage to hold the gold difference at equal they may win a game or more, but if Golden Guardians gets away with the gold lead early we will see some extremely one-sided games.

LCS NA Proving Grounds Predictions and Betting Odds

Between TL Academy vs 100T Academy, we are seeing odds parity that should not be happening. At x1.72 for TL and x2.07 for 100T one might think these teams are equal or close. The fact of the matter is we can expect a clean 3:0 by 100T here easily. 100T has versitile picks and can match TL pound for pound across the map. If a clean sweep seems like a stretch, even just an outright on 100TA should give you double your bet amount. On the exotics front, First Dragon should go down to 100T in every game (x1.87). TL has almost no interest in taking Dragons in most of the games they play.

Next, between GG.A vs IMT.A we might get some really distinct drafts unlike any other series before. I still think betting for an over-4.5 game series (x2.85) seems a reasonable thing to do, as well as betting for odd number of maps. IMT.A prioritizes team fighting and slower play more than GGA so most early game match objectives may go to GGA. We already stressed before that this series comes down to how much GGA can push IMT early game. At an equal map state IMT may start winning teamfights frequently. Map duration picks can be played in the higher match length markets.

All odds are courtesy of GG.BET.