Cloud9 and FlyQuest favored this weekend – LCS Spring Playoffs 2022

The LCS playoffs resumes this weekend with two matches from the losers’ bracket.

First, Cloud9 will face Golden Guardians before Evil Geniuses go up against FlyQuest for a spot in Round 2 of the Playoffs. Let’s break down both matches below.

LCS Playoffs R2

Cloud9 looking forward to easier opponents

Cloud9 were routed by 100 Thieves in the first round of the playoffs in four maps. While that was not entirely unexpected, Cloud9 have had a solid season, winning 13 of 18 maps in the regular season, finishing second in the regular season standings. Golden Guardians sneaked into Playoffs on the back of two straight wins to move to sixth on the standings.

Cloud9 have relied on their mid and botlane pair for tempo. Berseker in the bot lane and Fudge in the middle lane are instrumental for their success. Berserker managed to produce 3.44 kills, 1.39 deaths and 4.61 assists per map at a KDA of 5.8, a creep score of 307.94 and a CSPM of 9.68 in the regular season. He was the most efficient player in the regular season.

In the middle lane, Fudge also was solid, producing numbers of 3 kills, 1.61 deaths and 6.28 assists per map at a KDA of 5.76. He has been one of the reasons for Cloud9’s steady returns in the lanes inside Summoner’s Rift this season. Over in the top lane, Cloud9 will be delighted with the numbers that Summit has produced, which includes 3.5 kills, 3.22 deaths and 4.44 assists at a KDA of 2.47 and a creep score of 286.61.

If these three players can maintain their proficiency in the lanes, then Cloud9 are simply too strong for Golden Guardians in this one. And that will reflect in the pace with which Cloud9 achieve the neutral objectives, including picking up the elemental dragons as well as the barons. That should leave Cloud9 with a formidable advantage.

Evil Geniuses vs FlyQuest is a coin-toss

In the other contest, Evil Geniuses will face a decent FlyQuest team. Both teams finished the regular season with a 9-9 record. Evil Geniuses, on account of finishing fourth in the regular season, were promoted to the first round of the Playoffs. They took Team Liquid all the way to the fifth map, where they stumbled. EG now have a chance to put that behind them with a solid performance in this contest.

EG relies on their star bot laner Danny for production. He has, in fact, produced returns of 4.89 kills, 1.89 deaths and 3.53 assists per map at a KDA of 4.44 and a creep score of 353.47. EG will need him to continue his fine run of form this season if they are to have a deep run in the playoffs.

They will face stiff competition from FlyQuest in this one. FlyQuest are a team that are capable of beating any team in this league, and that will remain true for the duration of the playoffs, however deep they can make it. Johnsun has been FlyQuest’s most proficient offensive weapon, producing returns of 4 kills, 1.9 deaths and 4 assists at a KDA of 4.21 with a creep score of 324.7. He will be in charge of ensuring that FlyQuest remain strong in the lanes, especially in the bottom lane.

It will truly be a fight between the bot laners of both teams in this one.