LEC and LCS Drops are coming this weekend

As any League fan knows, LEC/LCS drops are a standard feature for League viewers this season – and a popular one at that. Riot implemented a feature already common for other games like Valorant or Overwatch – fans who watch official streams can get their hands on some free in-game loot of their own.

The drops take the form of cards, which will then provide a variety of rewards including chests, keys, skin shards, summoner icons, and more. The first drops will begin officially in Week 5 of the LCS, after the TSM and Cloud9 match takes part on July 10th.

LEC and LCS Drops are coming this weekend

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Dropping loot

In other words: In less than a day, during the opening game between Immortals and Dignitas, fans can already earn rewards. Specifically, a Hextech chest and key. You can only gain them by being logged in with a qualifying account and while watching on watch.lolesports.com.

In other words – while many games choose to employ Twitch drops, League uses their own site to run the system. You can log into the site with your normal League account. Simply go to the Rewards page and opt in – the drops do NOT happen automatically.

Once you’ve opted in, you’ll receive notifications when you get a drop – they are triggered by in-game moments during live moments. Just look for a little on-screen notification or check back later in the ‘Drops’ tab of your profile to claim your rewards. It can take a little time for rewards to hit your account – up to 24 hours according to the official info.

The future of loot

This isn’t the only time you can claim drops by watching official League matches – there are already plans to dynamically spread out more across the rest of the LCS and LEC seasons. How this will work out will definitely depend on the sort of reaction and interest this first drop event will receive.

For future events, a rotation of rewards has been promised – how exactly that will work out remains to be seen. Fan expectations are mixed – while almost everybody is happy that these drops are coming, not everybody is so excited about what’s on offer – especially since the rewards have changed since the very first announcement of the drops.

At first, the list of available things included chromas and prestige points – neither are now on the mentioned list of rewards. What players will really receive we won’t know until tomorrow – however, quite a few fans on social media have said they could do without the Clash tickets that will also be given out.

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