LEC 2022 Mid-Season Showcases Roster Confidence – Full Transfers List

The Mid-Season Invitational is over, and it’s now time to prepare for the resume of the LEC Summer Split. It has been a rather quiet mid-season break in the LEC, with no major shake-ups among the top teams. With that being said, there are some moves that shouldn’t be overlooked. Let’s break it all down.

LEC 2022 MID-Season roster shuffle

LEC 2022 Mid-Season Roster Moves

Only three teams made unforced roster changes during the mid-season break. As expected, most of the changes come from Astralis and Team BDS as the two bottom teams in Spring. Surprisingly, SK-Gaming retained their entire roster despite a poor showing.

Disclaimer: Not all teams in the LEC have confirmed their rosters yet, and they will not be until the first match of each team. Nevertheless, some of them have already launched their official announcements, so you can consider those certain. New entries will be highlighted in bold.


  • Top lane – Vizicsacsi
  • Jungle – Xerxe
  • Mid – Dajor
  • ADC – Kobbe
  • Support – JeongHoon

Astralis is trying to escape from ending last place in the LEC again, making 3 roster moves during the mid-season break. Vizicsacsi returns to the LEC stage once again, after playing in the LFL on GamersOrigin (now rebranded as Team GO). Xerxe was picked up from NA and reunites with his top laner from the Splyce days.

It is rare for Koreans to join EU and JeongHoon is the 3rd Korean player in recent years to come after HiRit and Malrang. Previously playing for BRO Challengers, we will have to see whether he can make a difference here. Overall, it will be interesting to see how Astralis tackles the split, although expectations are not very high for them. Underdogs.


  • Top lane – Finn
  • Jungle – Markoon
  • Mid – nukeduck
  • ADC – Patrik
  • Support – Mikyx

No roster moves were announced – it looks like XL will stick with their roster from Spring.


  • Top lane – Wunder
  • Jungle – Razork
  • Mid – Humanoid
  • ADC – Upset
  • Support – Hylissang

Same for Fnatic, there were rumors about Razork being swapped out, but it seems like they are going to keep him.

Fnatic Roster LEC Summer 2022

If it ain’t broke…

G2 Esports

  • Top lane – BrokenBlade
  • Jungle – Jankos
  • Mid – Caps
  • ADC – Flakked
  • Support – Targamas

G2 showed good things at MSI, but it is still not enough to fight the Asian teams. Nevertheless, they are one of the few teams that I don’t think need any changes.

Mad Lions

  • Top lane – Armut
  • Jungle – Elyoya
  • Mid – Nisqy
  • Support – Kaiser

Nisqy is one of the major moves in the LEC, with Reeker going to Team BDS Academy. In Spring, the German mid laner had a disappointing second half of the split, which forced MAD Lions to swap him out. With Nisqy, Elyoya should be able to play the way he wants and it should project the team to higher ranks. Will they be able to roar again? 

Misfits Gaming

  • Top lane – Irrelevant
  • Jungle – Shlatan
  • Mid – Vetheo
  • ADC – Neon
  • Support – Mersa

Misfits have a very weird situation. The org swapped out HiRit and replaced him with Irrelevant, but the latter was not eligible to play in the LFL due to the “veterancy rule” (If a player has played more than 50% of eligible regular season games in a Professional League in at least two out of the last three completed splits, then they will be considered a “Veteran” player. An ERL starting lineup cannot include more than two Veteran players at a time.)

Now, Misfits find themselves not having a top for the ERL team and Irrelevant will likely play for the academy since they couldn’t find a replacement. As a result, this might influence the team’s performance overall, in preparation for the restart of the LEC.


  • Top lane – Odoamne
  • Jungle – Malrang
  • Mid – Larssen
  • ADC – Comp
  • Support – Trymbi

Rogue should be pretty happy with its roster, so there shouldn’t be any changes

SK Gaming

  • Top lane – JNX (renamed from Jenax)
  • Jungle – Gillius
  • Mid – Sertuss
  • ADC – Jezu
  • Support – Treatz

Weird to see no changes from SK Gaming, but their goal will probably be to improve their synergy for the summer split.

Team BDS

  • Top lane – Agresivoo
  • Jungle – Cinkrof
  • ADC – xMatty
  • Support – Erdote

Team BDS is facing a similar situation to Misfits, with previous support LIMIT not eligible to play in the LFL due to the veterancy rule.

Agresivoo and Erdote are the two new additions for the summer split, after both played spring in the academy. We’ll see what they have to bring, but I don’t see this team moving up much above the 6-7th place. With that being said, it is an improvement on paper.

Team Vitality

  • Top lane – Alphari
  • Jungle – Haru & Bo
  • Mid – Perkz
  • ADC – Carzzy
  • Support – Labrov

Team Vitality made the big decision of benching Selfmade and are looking to pick up Haru from X7 Esports and Bo, the Chinese jungler from the LPL. The Korean jungler will likely be used as a temporary replacement, giving him LEC play time, while Bo will be the long-term prospect that the org wants to pick up. Considering Haru’s playstyle, I think that it will fit Team Vitality better: the question is how much time will it take for the rest of the team to adapt. Questions Marks.