Misfits or Fnatic to advance against G2 next? – LEC Playoffs 2021

LEC Playoffs Round 2 is starting this Friday: Misfits Gaming and Fnatic will go up against each other to have the chance to get to Worlds 2021. Remember that both MAD Lions and Rogue have already locked their own spot, so only one seed is left.

With both teams ending up in the losers’ brackets, it will become an uphill battle for them. Who will advance to the next round and face G2? Let’s find out!

As usual, we’re going to help you with your LoL bets and optimal odds!

Misfits Gaming LEC Playoffs

Credit: Misfits Gaming

LEC Playoffs Round 2 – MSF vs FNC – Friday 18:00 (CET)

After eliminating Vitality in Round 1, Fnatic will have another tough test. Misfits exceeded expectations in their series against Rogue, bringing the number 1 seed to an action-thrilled 5-game series, ended with a Pentakill by RGE’s jungler Inspired.

Despite the loss, Misfits Gaming will have a big confidence boost, as they’ve shown that they can compete with the top teams in the LEC and Fnatic is no exception. As we previously mentioned in our last Misfits LEC preview, they are taking advantage of their mid-jungle duo to create advantages and spread them over to the side lanes.

Fnatic, on the other hand, is not as easy to analyze. Their aggressive playstyle and identity endure after the various roster swaps, and it creates various highly volatile situations that can really mess up the whole game. Especially against MSF, Fnatic will have to be very careful in the early game: if they hand over too much to the enemies, MSF will surely extend their lead even further, as that’s what they’ve always been doing in this summer split.

For this reason, the jungle matchup will be very interesting: Razork and Bwipo will likely be trading strong ganking junglers like Xin Zhao, Lee Sin but also Viego, who’s just an overall menace. If MSF will keep their game plan linear, the mid-lane will always become crucial: Twisted Fate for Nisqy and Zoe for Vetheo might be champions banned away.

Furthermore, Fnatic has one of the best bot lanes in EU, but it will be very hard to find an opening against MSF’s duo, who are known for their weakside gameplay. Fnatic will have to throw a lot of resources in mid-game towards bot. Expect a lot of actions down there and explosive teamfights around dragons.

MSF vs FNC Betting Odds

I think that Misfits is the new dark horse of the LEC: they showed a lot of positive stuff, and considering how Fnatic struggled against Vitality, this might be the chance to advance. Nevertheless, it won’t be a short series. Forget a 3-0 from either side.

Instead, a 3-1 result is more likely, considering that these teams are very close in strength. What will make the difference, though, is the consistency and minimizing the number of mistakes in the series: Misfits should be a lot better at that compared to Fnatic. A 3-1 bet for Misfits will net you a 4.72x return (courtesy of GG.BET).

If you want to make some more cash, feel free to bet on the number of kills by either team: with both teams hungry for blood, it is almost certain that either of them will have more than 12 kills on the scoreboard: an over 12.5 kills will make you earn 1.63x on your investment. 

As usual, make sure to bet after checking out the drafts: the team’s gameplan dictates how the game should be played or what objectives should be prioritized. Either way, MSF will likely keep playing around mid: make a bet on a First Blood for MSF to double your cash. (1.89x)

I predicted Misfits winning only for the odds return on this match. This match can go either way, and i strongly recommend sticking to the in-game markets around kill counts and first bloods.