LEC Week 4 Preview & Predictions – Big tests for Misfits and MAD Lions

The LEC continues with more action in this week 4!  While many games look very one-sided, most of the attention will go to Misfits Gaming and MAD Lions. Not only they will have a head-to-head on Friday, but MSF will face G2, and the Lions will go up against Rogue. It will be an important week for these two teams, as the standings might have a big shift depending on the results.

If you don’t know what to bet, we got you covered! Here are our LEC Week 4 Predictions!

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Misfits Gaming vs MAD Lions – Friday 2o:00 (CET)

As we previously mentioned, the first match we feature will be between Misfits and MAD Lions. The former continue their surprising run in this Summer Split, reigning alone the standings with a 6-1 record. While they had a relatively easy run so far, these two games will also assess whether MSF are in championship contention.

Despite keeping the same roster, it seems like the synergy issues are gone. Not only that, but the meta is favoring them: they’ve always been the aggressive early-game team that wants to snowball the game. Their picks (so far) all revolve around champions that love skirmishing early game and find leads from there. No wonder MSF banned Lulu in 6 out of 7 games… she is the perfect champion to neutralize their playstyle.

There is a big question mark, however: what will happen when they face a similar team? MAD Lions, despite having a worse record (4-3), play in an analogous way. They both have good First Blood/First Tower percentages, as well as very positive gold differentials @15 min.

What is different then? 

The answer is the lanes the teams like playing around: MSF on top side, MAD on bot side. This pattern will probably unfold again this week: junglers will be the key to victory. Whoever creates more leads on the map will win the game for the team.

I predict that MSF will win this series. Their champion pools are a lot more favored in this meta and MSF’s top-jng duo is performing extremely well. There are people considering Shin “HiRit” Tae-min the best top laner in the LEC at the moment and it’s very hard to think otherwise.

If you want to earn some cash on this match, go to GG.BET: betting for MSF will net you a 2.19x return.

Misfits Gaming vs G2 Esports – Saturday 2o:00 (CET)

After their match against MAD, MSF will also have to face the “old kings” of the LEC, G2 Esports. Since we already analyzed Misfits, we’re going to be looking at G2 right now. People are still trying to understand what’s going on with G2: their performance is extremely inconsistent and many flaws are emerging from the superstar roster.

Despite that, G2 still has the “King of Consistency”: Martin “Rekkles” Larsson. He never died more than 3 times in summer so far, keeping his damage output above 28% of the whole team. While the other four players have ups and downs, he’s the “reliable shield” that keeps his team alive. If Misfits Gaming wants to win, they must shut down Rekkles.

One thing worth mentioning is Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther’s overall damage output. From the 28.7% back in Spring, Caps is only at 19% during Summer. That’s quite a big change that is raising some big doubts. Is G2 looking to change their playstyle or is Caps underperforming? In order to make a conclusion, we’ll have to wait a little longer. Support Mikyx mentioned that they’re improving some aspects and that they will need some time: we probably won’t see the best version of G2 until very late into the split.

For this reason, we also think that G2 might drop this series against Misfits. Unless some big drafts difference, Misfits do have all the tools to take this victory. If you’re not that convinced on that, we suggest another bet instead:

First Blood for MSF. The team has a 71.4% First Blood taken compared to G2’s 35.5%. It should be a very easy way to almost double your investment. (1.96x)

Rogue vs MAD Lions – Saturday 21:00 (CET)

To round off our predictions, we have the last game of the week: MAD Lions vs Rogue. This game will depend a lot on the momentum that MAD Lions will have, based on the results on Day 1.

Nonetheless, this game should be quite easy to predict: Rogue will take this win. Despite being 2nd in the standings, Rogue is probably the best team in the LEC right now. Not in terms of peak performance, as we think that still goes to G2, but in terms of consistency. And that’s what you need during the split.


Credit: LEC

The team has a whopping +2704 gold differentials @15 min. It’s an insane stat, considering the overall competition in the LEC. Not only that, but Rogue is one of the few teams that can play around any lane they want. They have rock-solid players that can execute both strong or weak sides and carry despite not taking many resources. This gives space to many different strategies, making the team flexible and elastic.

While we expect Rogue to win this game, we also think that this will be quite a bloody match. Both teams have more than 14 kills per game on average: there will be many team fights, so this number shouldn’t be lower. Bet an over-26.5 kills to make a 1.87x profit.