LEC Week 5 Preview – Will Rogue establish EU dominance?

The LEC 2021 Summer Split is hitting its halfway point. After last week, we saw Misfits struggling against other top-tier teams, while Rogue managed to get 2 wins and catch up to MSF. This brings us to the head-to-head for first place in LEC Week 5.

What can we expect this week? And what LoL bets should we make? Let’s find out in our match preview!

LEC Week 5

© Tien Ho | Rogue

Rogue vs Misfits Gaming

The first match that we’re going to be looking at is the game between Rogue and Misfits Gaming. Both teams are sitting in first with a 7-2 record. While it seems like both teams are equally strong on paper, Rogue’s recent performances convinced us otherwise. They have been far more consistent and their peak potential is theoretically higher. In addition, Misfits technically should have one more loss if it wasn’t for the win against G2. They were able to sneak an Elder Dragon and make an insane turnaround.

It seems like the team has reached its limit: we’ll have to see whether they can improve even further. One thing is certain, though, Misfits is always looking for early action. For this reason, remember to bet for First Blood for MSF. In this case, a FB will net you a 2.21x return.

As for the result, it should be expected to see Rogue take this win. They are, as of right now, the best performing team in the LEC and a potential contender for the title, again. Starting the second half with a win will definitely be a boost of momentum, as they will also face G2 Esports in this week 5.

Vitality vs Fnatic

The Vitality and Fnatic series will be an important rematch from the first-round robin. In that occasion, Fnatic was victorious… and it looks like that won’t change. Vitality was looking good after a terrible start, but last week they had slowed down again, losing both against XL Esports and Astralis. They are risking of not even qualifying to playoffs, considering that they were aiming for Worlds, the team must find success. On the other hand, Fnatic is doing slightly better. Currently 3rd in the standings, FNC are slowly finding their groove. The good thing, however, is that the team’s identity is constant. They always look for opportunities, making the games very bloody from a KDA standpoint.


By playing against Vitality, who’s also famous for being equally aggressive, expect the series to be full of action. If you want to make some good cash, you can easily bet an over-28.5 kills (over 30.5 for people who like risking) to earn 2.02x on your investment (2.43x for over-30.5)

Rogue vs G2 Esports

To close week 5, G2 Esports will go up against Rogue. Last time out, G2 was able to triumph against its biggest enemy of recent history. This time, things might be a little different…

G2 Esports is probably the biggest letdown of this 2021 LEC Summer Split. The team is 6th in the standings with a 4-5 record, struggling to take wins against a lot of the competition. The players have said that their results are a byproduct of the competition stepping up, as well as them being in a slump.

Caps has struggled to make an impact this split, as Rekkles continues to be the only consistent threat of the roster. The only other member that is doing decent is Jankos… but the jungler has a hard time when he doesn’t have the team to back him up. With that being said, last week’s G2 showed that they are signs of improvement. Despite losing to MSF, the early-mid game was good, and that is what G2 wanted.

Now that they face Rogue, some questions are arising: what version of G2 will we witness? It looks like everytime the team faces RGE, G2 becomes another beast. Based on recent history, these two teams always have high numbers on the scoreboard. Going for an over-27.5 kills seems a reasonable bet that will make almost double your investment (1.98x). Another thing I would recommend is First Tower: in this case, my prediction goes to Rogue. (1.77x)

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