LEC Week 7 Match Preview – Playoffs Fight Intensifies!

LEC is back with more action in Week 7! There are only two weeks left and the fight for the playoffs cannot be more close. Five teams (FNC, RGE, MAD, MSF, G2) are within three victories from each other: we might see the standings shuffle from one moment to the other!

As usual, we’re here to help you out with your bets and make you get that sweet cash! Here’s our LEC Week 7 Preview.

LEC Week 7 Matches

Credit: LEC

MAD vs AST – Friday 20:00 (CET)

Starting off our predictions, we begin with the series between MAD Lions and Astralis. While it may not be the most exciting game on paper, this match is very important for both. MAD Lions are currently 4th in the standings, with an 8-5 record. They have had strong performances but also poor ones. It seems like they were also cursed by the Mid-Season Invitational, like other representatives from other regions. It might be burnout, it might be that they’re chilling a little more but it feels like the winners of the Spring Split have not improved much.

On the other hand, we have Astralis who are having a good this summer split. They are currently 6th and showed improvements compared to spring. While they might not have what it takes to fight the best, getting into playoffs and experience a Bo5 always gives confidence and momentum for the future. Their overall win condition is through teamfights towards mid and late-game, thanks to the mid and ADC. It looks like it works for them and Astralis will likely do the same against MAD.

With that being said, this game should be an easy win for the Lions. They should be able to individually outperform their counterparts and their clean early-game should create enough of a gap that Astralis cannot recover. For this reason, instead of betting on the winner (which will still net you 1.3x), you can go for First Blood (1.59x) and First Tower (1.46x) for MAD. An easy way to make some good money!

RGE vs FNC – Friday 22:00 (CET)

The action continues on Friday with the match of the week: Rogue vs Fnatic. While both teams have locked playoffs, this is the head-to-head for the top of the standings.

On one hand, we have Fnatic who defied all expectations, after the roster changes during the break between splits. The decision is playing in the organization’s favor: they have continued their aggressive and proactive playstyle, but the execution is a lot cleaner compared to the past.

On the other, Rogue is the most consistent team in the LEC, as they’ve been top 2 throughout the whole year. If you think about consistency, Rogue is the team that comes up to mind first. They have had some bad games, but overall they always looked good, even in their losses.

If we’re talking about peak performance, Fnatic is the team with the higher potential. They have the X factor to take the enemies by surprise and I think that the team will have prepared something for this series. For this reason, I think that Fnatic will take the win (1.97x). It is a risky call but I think it’s worth the investment. Other than that, I would avoid going for objectives as it will highly depend on the draft.
In my opinion, the other certain call would be the total kills: go for over 26.5, it will net you a 1.82x return.

MSF vs G2 – Saturday 21:00 (CET)

Apart from Rogue and Fnatic, we have another important series for the top spots. Misfits Gaming will go up against G2 Esports, after the weird win in the first round robin.

Last time out, G2 had the upper hand for most of the game, creating a huge gold lead up to 8-10k gold. Then, G2 threw the game by letting MSF pick up an elder dragon and lose the match. That was such a surprising end that almost no one saw coming.
Back then, G2 were still figuring out how to fix their issues. Now, the team has shown strong improvements and they have the potential to fight for the top spot.

Misfits, on the other hand, have dropped the performance a little bit. Some of their weaknesses have emerged: their poor mid-game is the main culprit of their losses. They are almost certain to get into playoffs, but out of the 4-5 teams in the top, they seem the least favorite to go to Worlds. It would truly be heartbreaking after such a great start but this is what competition is all about.

To conclude our prediction, we think that G2 will win this game (1.66x). It shouldn’t be a close game, in my opinion, as G2 showed that they can fight the very best. If you really want to root for MSF, always go for the First Blood (2.08x) as it’s the most certain bet to make. Another bet I would make is a race to 10 kills for G2, earning you a 1.73x return on your investment. There will be a lot of teamfight so 10 kills for G2 should certainly go on the scoreboard.