LEC Week 8 Preview: It’s Super Week Time!

The LEC is wrapping up! Week 8 is a Super Week with teams playing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! With the 3 games left per team, anything can happen in the standings!

Wwe have a top 5 fight for the number one seed, with many important head-to-heads. On the other, we have an insane 4-way battle for the last spot in playoffs! Who will win the regular split and who will snatch that 6th place?

More importantly, what are the suggested LoL bets for this week? Let’s find out in our LEC Week 8 Preview!

LEC Week 8

MAD vs G2 – Friday 21:00 (CET)

Starting off LEC Week 8, we’re going to see the head-to-head between G2 Esports and MAD Lions. Both are competing to get the best seed possible. Remember that finishing first lets you choose who to face between 3rd and 4th seed in the winners’ bracket.

In particular, for MAD Lions this is going to be an even more important series. Despite being 2nd in the standings, MAD has the worst schedule possible out of the top 5 teams. Not only they will have to face G2, but also Fnatic and Misfits Gaming. Losing against any of these will compromise their standings quite heavily since it might force them to play even more tiebreakers.

As for the match, this is going to be a great one, so don’t miss it. G2 showed that they’re continuing to improve over the weeks and that they’re trying to find the best way to win for them. The best thing about G2 is that they have so many threats on their team: anyone can become the carry at any given moment. This creates a lot of versatility that we rarely see in League of Legends teams. Even Martin “Rekkles” Larsson himself mentioned this…

Their flaws, however, are also visible. They still make some individual mistakes from time to time, and their drafts have still to be optimized. For this reason, it will be interesting to see how they play against MAD, who’s known for having a traditional playstyle.

As we previously mentioned, the Lions will have their week of hell, with 3 important games on their schedule. They will be the worst in terms of mental strength, and they might be penalized in case of tiebreakers. Nevertheless, MAD is known for having surprising performances and we might see something new coming up.

We think that it will be a very close game, with a lot of action in the early game, especially from MAD. They will always look for early mid-bot action, so it might be a good idea to bet on a First Blood for MAD Lions (1.8x). Other than that, I would suggest betting the win for G2: while they might not be in their best form, they are stronger than their counterparts. If G2 wins, you’ll be able to double your money!

MAD vs FNC – Saturday 21:00 (CET)

Following the G2 vs MAD series, the following day we have MAD vs Fnatic. We’ve already talked about MAD so we won’t talk about them much in this case. One thing is certain, though, make sure to see what happens in the series against G2 before making bets for this one: MAD might be better or worse depending on their performance the day before.

As for Fnatic, they need this win, considering that they lost against MAD in the first-round robin. The big strength of this team is that they’re always ready to go for the risky plays. While it creates more volatility than necessary, it also implies that FNC has the confidence to go for it. In important moments like these, that confidence might become the game-changer.

On paper, Fnatic should be more or less even with MAD Lions. The draft will play a big part for the series and the attention will fall onto the junglers: Bwipo and Elyoya will have to make sure their lanes get ahead, especially bot. You can expect a lot of action down there: we think that Fnatic should be able to get to 5 kills first (1.9x). Not only that, but Fnatic does have a higher chance of winning the game (1.93x). It’s a 70/30 for us: remember, however, to wait until the very end if you want to increase your chances of getting that sweet cash!

VIT vs AST – Sunday 18:00 (CET)

To round off our preview, we will have what might be the most important match of the week. While it doesn’t feature the top teams, this might be the decider for whoever gets to playoffs. On one side, we have Vitality that did not meet the expectations. After an entire split, they are still a mid-bottom tier team. On the other, we have Astralis, who broke out of the last place curse and it’s looking to make their first playoff appearance after rebranding. (previously Origen)

Theoretically, Vitality has the better individuals: they can reach higher performances that would easily beat Astralis. However, Astralis has proved that they have an insanely strong mental, playing from behind has become their forte and it’s probably the best thing to beat Vitality. LIDER and co. are known for playing aggressive early game and snowball, but their strength backfires towards the later stages of the game. That, though, is when Astralis shines. Their teamfighting is definitely better than their laning and their win condition will always be that.

As a result, you can easily bet a First blood (1.65x) or First Dragon (1.75x)  for Vitality without a problem. If AST can fight back once the first 10 minutes have passed, then betting for an over 33.5-minute game will also be ideal: it will net you a great 2.38x profit on your investment!

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