LFL Spring 2022 Playoffs Round 1 Breakdown

The LFL Spring Playoffs will be starting soon, as the best 6 teams from the French League will battle it out to earn a spot in EU Masters! Today, we will be looking at the Round 1 matches to see who will advance to the next stage. As always, you will have our preview of the match and the best odds for the series.

Skeanz // Vitality

Source: @TeamVitality

LFL Spring Playoffs Round 1 Preview

BDS.A vs GO – Wednesday 18:00 CET

The first series to kick off the LFL Spring Playoffs is the match between BDS Academy and Gamers Origin. The two are respectively the 3rd seed and 6th seed coming into playoffs, so it will be an uphill battle for GO.

BDS’s Academy has shown a lot of potential during the regular split, playing in a more bot-centric style to favor their former LEC ADC Crownshot. The marksman gets quite a lot of gold funneled into him and he pays the team back during teamfights. This way of playing is also thanks to Agresivoo, who has no problem at playing split pushers and scale on the side lane. With him putting pressure on the map, BDS Academy can easily work around objectives, especially dragons, and push their lead.

On the other hand, Gamers Origin are much more reliant on their mid and ADC to dish out the damage needed. Top laner and former LEC player Vizicsacsi is more of a weak side player, allowing Ronaldo and SMILEY to be the real threats. With that being said, Gamers Origin do struggle a little bit in their draft, especially on the ADC role. SMILEY has lost all games he played on Aphelios and his most played champion is Jhin. While the Virtuoso is still a good pick in the current meta, there are much better picks like Jinx and Zeri that should be played. Being forced to ban them out does damage GO’s drafting.

Having said that, I think that BDS Academy should have no problems winning the series. Whether it’s drafts or individual talent, BDS.A has the upper hand. In addition, GO played against BDS.A in their last match of regular season and they got outclassed, as BDS.A picked up all objectives on the map. Below are the best odds for this series:

  • Winner: BDS.A (1.4x)
  • Correct Map Score: BDS.A3-0 (3.47x)
  • First Blood: BDS.A (1.65x)
  • Total kills: over27.5x (1.73x)
  • Race to 10 kills: BDS.A (1.69x)

MSFP vs VITB – Thursday 18:00 CET

The LFL is home to many academies of LEC teams. Aside from BDS, we also have Vitality and Misfits in the French League. With the strong organization that both teams have, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the academies have both ended up in playoffs.

The two have finished the regular split with the same 11-7 record and it will be a very close series. Not only that, but the way they play is also very similar. The best teams from the LFL seem to play all similarly, with a side laner in top and that can scale hard in later stages of the game.

All in all, both teams have shining points: Vitality Bee can rely on Skeanz, who is extremely good at playmaking champions. Coming into the series, he should outperform Tynx. Szygenda has also shown strong performances so the battle in top will become against Irrelevant heated as well. Misfits, instead, relies on a much better mid and bot lane. In particular, Czajek and Woolite have good damage output and can carry the games when the early game is executed well.

In other words, a lot of the early game will impact the flow of the series: Misfits need to get ahead or they will struggle in the later stages of the game. Based on the regular split, I think that Vitality has a slighter draft advantage meta-wise and that’s why I’m giving them the win. I’m not really sure about the final score, but I’m expecting Misfits to at least win one map in a Bo5. Below you can find all interesting odds for the series:

  • Winner: Vitality Bee (1.64x)
  • First Blood: Misfits Premier (1.99x)
  • Race to 10 kills: Vitality Bee (1.84x)
  • Total kills: Over 24.5 (1.74x)
  • Correct map score: Vitality Bee 3-1 (3.97x)