Logan Paul wrapped up in another Crypto Gaming controversy

Logan Paul has a habit of being within the headlines for all sorts of reasons it seems. Whether it was the infamous Japanese Suicide Forest ordeal or it’s him jumping off the top rope at a WWE event Logan loves the limelight!

These recent headlines though are for more controversial activity from the Paul camp, as he has been exposed to be heavily involved in what can only be described as a Crypto gaming scam. One he has admitted to putting his own money into for its development multiple times to millions of people around the world.

Whilst the project, named “CryptoZoo” has been on many people’s radars for over a year now, YouTuber Coffeezilla has resurfaced this forgotten project. Coffee, or Stephen Findeison has done a great job at reporting this as he has uncovered a lot of dirty play from those involved with CryptoZoo. Be sure to check out Coffeezilla’s YouTube channel.

Let’s look deeper into the mystery that is CryptoZoo and what has come from it all.


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What is CryptoZoo?

CryptoZoo has been described by Logan Paul as a “really fun game that earns you money.” Now we can imagine many have heard this before with Web3 games and similar fraudulent outcomes have materialized.

The premise of this Crypto breeding game has been set out like so. The player signs in and purchases CryptoZoo token, which they then use to purchase eggs. These eggs hatch and the aim of the game is to breed the animals received from the eggs. If an animal hatched has a high rarity, then this creates more lucrative gameplay as yielded tokens are higher and the bread animals are more valuable to players.

CryptoZoo’s website further described this game as an “autonomous ecosystem that allows ZooKeepers to buy, sell, and trade exotic animals and hybrids.”

Paul whilst heavily shilling this project on his ‘Impaulsive’ podcast which currently has 4.million subscribers further buried himself into a hole. He would go on to claim that there had been a total of 10 different artists that had created unique artwork for the games’ characters. Totalling 6 months to complete this part of the game.

Coffeezilla in his video series has exposed 4 key players in CryptoZoo. Logan Paul himself, Jeff (Logan’s manager, see on Impaulsive), Crypto King (the individual who was seen in Logan’s Pokemon card videos) and a man named Eddie Ibanez.

Eddie was exposed to have claimed to have worked for an NFL team as a strategist and also worked for the United States government. All of which ended up not actually being true.

Where did it go wrong for CryptoZoo?

This is a good question and from the looks of Stephen’s investigation a lot went wrong for the CryptoZoo crypto game. After Coffeezilla interviewed some early investors of CryptoZoo it became clear that people had lost out on millions of dollars from their investments.

It has been recorded that $2.3 million alone was spent on eggs to hatch in game. Players who bought the tokens and eggs never got access to them due to the game never working in the first place.

The supposed images that took 6 months and 10 different artists to make were just ripped from Google Images. Better still the earning mechanics that were promoted by Paul were never included and players were left confused as to what they had actually put their money into.

CryptoZoo’s main backers were also caught by Coffeezilla to be pumping the price of the p2e token before it came out. He managed to get ahold of screenshots from a group chat all 4 of them were in.

Each member bought large amounts of the token before it went live, however that backfired as an insider messed with their plans causing the market cap to drop thus ruining their plans to pump and dump the token once released.

Despite Logan Paul insisting that millions was spent on this project, many involved with it have denied ever being paid. The main dev felt he had been done wrong that badly he obtained the code for the game, fled to Switzerland with it and demanded a million dollar payout to Logan and his team.

So far everyone linked to CryptoZoo has been ducking any form of accountability despite the glaring evidence of foul play. Not only has Logan Paul messed around those he worked with for this project, he has also left his adoring fans out of pocket whilst he has come out millions of dollars richer.

Both Logan and Coffeezilla have been back and forth since the videos were released. Logan seems to not feel there has been any foul play and has quoted “when appropriate, all bad actors will be exposed, explained, & held fully accountable.”

An Impaulsive episode has been scheduled for the 3rd of January where Logan’s full statement on this affair will be stated.

As for the rest of them involved with CryptoZoo, not much has been stated. This whole scenario that has unfolded is rather disturbing. When considering Logan Paul’s influence, especially over young people, it makes you think, has this guy really sorted his act out since his problems back in 2017? Who knows.