LoL Patch 9.10 | Champion changes you should watch out for

A fair few changes regarding the interaction of some abilities that you should watch out for.

Champions changes with Patch 9.10

Brand – E base damage has been increased at later levels, with AP scaling now also up to 0.45. Fairly surprising Riot has increased Brand’s damage through a targeted ability, instead of a skill shot like Q or W.

Caitlyn – Higher headshot bonus damage on Yordle Snap Trap (W) at earlier levels.

Fiora – Braum and Kennen can now apply their last stack of their passives while Fiora is in W, however, she will still continue to block the damage and stun. Forces Braum and Kennen players to better control their abilities / attacks to prevent wasting their stun.


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Graves – Q base damage slightly increased at earlier levels. Minor buff in damage considering Graves has been underpowered recently.

Master Yi – Alpha strike is now instant, with no cast time. Alpha strike can now hit the same target, dealing 25% more damage. W cast time is also instant. Highlander (R) movement speed increased by 10% at all levels but now shifted to bonus movement speed. However, E no longer grants 10% AD while on cooldown.

Riven – Reduced cooldown moving from a flat 13 seconds, to 12/11.5/11/10.5/10s. However, while Riven has additional damage and kiting from Q, shield (E) cooldown is now up by 4 seconds at all levels.

Shaco – Ultimate will now place shaco and his clone 200 range away from his current location, with clone placed at the opposite direction of your current cursor.

Soraka – Q bonus movement speed increased at all levels, now at intervals of 5%.

Tryndamere – E cooldown reduced by 1 second at all levels, however, AP ratio has been nerfed from 1 to 0.8. Hybrid / AP Tryndamere builds much less viable.

Vayne – Ultimate granting cdr on Q, now moved to 30/40/50% instead of a flat 50%.

Xin Zhao – Q cooldown decreased at earlier levels from 9/8/7/6/5 to 7/6.5/6/5.5/5

Zyra – Plants no longer takes on-hit effects