LoL Worlds 2021 Groups Stage Analysis – The Script Exists!

Worlds 2021 is right around the corner, and Riot Games couldn’t make it more hype with the Group Stage draw. Both Play-In and Groups Stage outcomes are rather interesting and there are so many takeaways that we can look at. After we set our initial Worlds Draw expectations, Riot Games decided to actually start scripting everything, as common patterns keep repeating at every year.

Let’s take a look at what went down, and what hype is coming your way.

Worlds 2021 Groups

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Worlds 2021 Groups Stage Draw – Rogue in the “Group of death”

If MAD Lions were “lucky” on one side (in the same group with Gen.G and TL), Rogue was “sacrificed” in the process. The 3rd seed from the LEC, after being promoted to the group stage (took VCS’s vacant spot), is now in the worst possible group: Rogue will have to play against DWG Kia and FunPlusPhoenix.

It was one of the worst combinations possible and Rogue felt right into it. Facing the two favorites of the tournament in the same group will be such an uphill battle for the European team.

Just like last year, Rogue finished with DK and another LPL team (last time it was JDG), earning themselves the “bad luck trophy”. If by any chance, Rogue manages to get out of the group, we will witness the first big upset of the tournament. It won’t be an easy task… but if a team can do it, then it must be them.

Fnatic vs Royal Never Give Up – It’s happened again!

Just like Rogue ended up with DK, another LEC team (Fnatic) will encounter an old nemesis of theirs: RNG. It will be the repeat of the 2019 Worlds Group. Last time, Fnatic came out on top thanks to a dominating win in the last game between the two. This time around, however, things will not be easy. RNG are the MSI 2021 champions and have always been top of the pack in the LPL. They got to Worlds as the 3rd seed, but they’re surely not a weak team.

Nonetheless, Fnatic proved to everyone in Summer that they’re hungry for results and that their goal is to win as much as possible. With PSG Talon in the mix as well, Group C will surely bring us a lot of action!

The memes did not stop as well:

EDG vs T1 – Battle between legacies!

Former glories have come back to the grandest stage of the year, and fate decided that they would get drawn into the same group. It’s the battle between legacies, China vs Korea.

On one hand, we have the LPL Summer Champions, who won against FunPlusPhoenix, considered by many the best team in the world. They are one of the favorites to win Worlds and they have all the talent necessary to do so. If someone can stop them, then we might be talking about the potential Worlds Champions.

On the other, we have Faker with the new generation of young players. Their whole season wasn’t one of the best, but they still made it. Fans will once again be able to see T1 and the GOAT play internationally. With both teams looking strong on paper, who will prevail? The mind says EDG, but the heart will always say T1…

Editor’s note: We are going to regularly update this article with match breakdown and Group Stage tidbits as the event goes along. Check our LoL Worlds page for info regarding schedule, matches, predictions and betting odds.