Bengi and PoohManDu leave SKT

Once again, the two original SKT members have decided to leave the team. Bengi and PoohManDu were part of SK Telecom T1 K, where they, along with Faker, Impact and Piglet, took out the League of Legends World Championships in 2013. Since then, the both players have had a successful career with a variety of teams after they have been replaced by various talents on the starting roster.


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Coming back at the end of 2017

As veterans in the competitive League of Legends scene, both holding more than one world championship title (with SKT), SK Telecom T1 decided to bring back the pair as coaches on the 27th of November 2017. This was intended to deepen the team’s insight following a rocky appearance in the semi-finals and finals at worlds 2017.

Unlike what SKT had planned with the help of Bengi and PoohManDu, SKT’s prowess in the LCK dramatically dropped, with the team having their worst year to date. 2018 had been a nightmare year for SKT, their second year to fail to even qualify to enter the World Championships since their formation in 2013.

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Bengi and PoohManDu departure

Due to the disappointing results, SKT made a dramatic roster overhaul, with the player purge also including the two coaching staff. While SKT’s decline is certainly not pinned on Bengi and PoohManDu, the organisation is compelled to make changes and open up new positions for ‘better’ coaching talent.

Bengi’s and PoohManDu’s future is unknown, however, it is likely that they will continue into a coaching role in either the LCK or LPL. Both Bengi and PoohManDu had previously spent a short time together with Vici Gaming, considering the rise of the LPL and the more favourable conditions in China, the LPL is a prime destination for the pair.